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Alex Power is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Alexander Power was born in Richmond, Virginia. When Alex is twelve, he and his siblings gain superpowers from a sentient spaceship named Friday and form the Power Pack. Alex acts as their leader, but his temper sometimes causes them trouble.

He later steals his siblings' powers and becomes a reserve member of the New Warriors as Powerhouse. He eventually leaves the New Warriors and returns to Power Pack.

After the superhuman civil war, Alex is one of the 142 registered superheroes who are a part of the Fifty State Initiative, and trains at Camp Hammond.

When Alex is 19, he joins Reed Richards' Future Foundation, a group of gifted children including Valeria Richards, Artie Maddicks, Bentley Whitman (a young clone of The Wizard), Dragon Man, and children from both the Moloids' Underground City and an older Atlantean City.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Alex's original power was control over gravity. His original codename was "Gee", as in G-Forces. He first used this power to make himself stick to Friday to avoid being pulled into the Snarks' starship,[12] and he quickly learned he could use it to cancel his own gravity and that of other objects. Alex' ability to cancel gravity was unlimited. However, he also had to deal with the inertia of the objects he lifted. Though Alex could float by negating gravity, he had no means of self-propulsion, and thus could not truly fly. He initially depended on his sister Julie to push him along before developing an alternate method.

After having his gravity powers forcibly removed by Jakal, Alex received the energy powers previously held by Katie. He renamed himself Destroyer,[15] but found himself struggling with the moral issues his new power's lethal potential raised. Alex also pushed the upper limits of the energy power's capacity for absorption; in a battle with the Sentinel Master Mold, he disintegrated almost the entire bulk of the multi-story robot's body, causing his body to swell with stored energy. In the process, Alex found that exceeding his normal absorption limits generated intense pain, impaired his ability to think clearly, and made it difficult to release the stored energy.

After a third power switch, he received the density powers previously held by Jack and Julie and took on Jack's former identity as Mass Master.[17] Alex was the first Power sibling to use the powers to turn himself into a liquid state.

Alex underwent a transformation into an actual Kymellian, which started with mild hair loss. It was eventually revealed that Alex had learned of his parents' kidnapping and had been kidnapped himself by Queen Maraud and a Kymellian Technocrat and was replaced by a clone which reverted to its original Kymellian form. The real Alex then escaped from captivity in Maraud's ship and rejoined his siblings.

Alex wears a costume of unstable molecules created by Friday. The costume exists in an extra-dimensional space known as "Elsewhere" until summoned by voice command (the wearer would say the words "costume on!"). The costume also houses a communicator which is used to communicate with Friday, and was later modified to include a mask. As with all the team's costumes, the pockets of the costume can be used as an access point to Elsewhere itself, where the cartoon-like creatures known simply as "The Tailors" reside in a colorful wonderland of talking dinosaurs, enchanted forests, mad monarchs, surreal architecture, and malleable physical laws.

During his first stint with his gravity powers, Alex also wore a set of wings which he designed himself after learning more about the effects of gravity and inertia in school. The wings, which were sewn by Julie and attached to his costume with straps, allowed him to propel himself and "fly" through clever manipulation of gravity and occasional use of air currents, instead of relying on Lightspeed to carry him. Alex passed the wings on when Jack acquired the gravity power, but they were destroyed almost immediately, during Power Pack's subsequent encounter with the Marauders during the Mutant Massacre.


  • Alex Power was created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman where he made his first appearance in Power Pack v1 #1 (August, 1984)

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