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For other uses of this name, see Angel (disambiguation).

An angel is a holy being that serves God. Angels are classified in the following nine ranks:

  • 1st: Seraphim: The highest class. They are the angels of pure love. The name means "higher healer." The flaming angels, each of these angels have six wings. They are thought to perpetually sing out the song of Creation.
  • 2nd: Cherubim: Cherub means an "awe inspiring being." It's said that they had the likeness of man though every one of them has four faces. Aside from a human face these creatures also have the faces of a lion, an ox and an eagle. The emphasis with these spirits is on wisdom.
  • 3rd: Thrones: It was said that near each Cherubim there were many colored wheel-like structures. These wheels were "full of eyes" that would rise up from earth with Cherubim. It is believed they take their energy from the Cherubim.
  • 4th: Dominions: These watch over all the lesser angels in their duties.
  • 5th: Virtues: Perform miracles on behalf of God.
  • 6th: Powers: Apparently they protect souls from evil and keep the demons of Hell from taking over the world.
  • 7th: Principalities: Angels that watch over earthly things such as nations and religions. They aren't anywhere as well known as angels and archangels but they are heavily used in art.
  • 8th: Archangels: They watch over the angels and also provide service to humanity. Archangels are a bit more standardized than the angels - meaning that there are a handful of them that are a little better known. The archangels are patrons to several human values. Each of them often carry between 20 to 70 variations on their names and have been awarded around 30 some-odd titles by poets, philosophers, astronomers, artists and clergy. These are the beings that have been said to represent elements of weather, the zodiac, human emotions and nature's relationship to humankind, as well as mankind's relationship to God. Each of them has at least one main mission and each of their names has a meaning that ties them into serving God.
  • 9th: Angel: They are the lowest and the largest of the class. The souls of deceased humans supposedly join them. It is suggested that all beings above this level were "made by God," supposedly meaning that only the angels have ever been human. Angels are messengers. They hear prayers and are capable of providing humans with guidance and protection. A "guardian angel" is believed to be an angel who takes special care of a particular individual. So instead of residing in Heaven, an angel can remain on Earth.


The lowest three ranks are the most commonly heard of. This is because these beings resemble humans and provide services and help to humanity - so they are around humans more. These lower ranks have branched away from religion. They populate huge collections of human stories, artworks, songs, prayers and even role-playing games.

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