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Asmodel in JLA: Paradise Lost v1 #3.

Asmodel is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



It was Asmodel's voice that shattered the walls of Jericho. (JLA v1 #7)

Though possessing the power, he was confronted by Hal Jordan who had been sent into the Spectre Force to stop the fallen angel. Neron himself joined them inside as he sought its power for himself. At that point, the Spectre Force acted and restrained all three intruders in order to judge them thus removing itself from Asmodel. It determined that only Hal Jordan was worthy of being its host and bonded to the human who became the new Spectre. Thus, Asmodel was defeated and restrained as the Spectre restored all the damage made back to normal before departing. Asmodel himself was taken back into Heaven where the angels decided on his fate as they determined they could not leave the fallen Bull Angel in the depths of Hell. (Day of Judgement v1 #5)


Personality and attributes

As such, he waited millions of years as he planned his rebellion and intended to succeed where Lucifer failed. (JLA v1 #7)

Powers and abilities

He was described as a being whose every heartbeat was a thousand Hiroshimas and whose gaze stripped flesh from bone. It was said that his blood was the universal solvent and was a thousand times purer than any acid on Earth. (JLA v1 #6) Similar to other angels, he was able to create a powerful subsonic attack with this judgment of his being able to destroy matter itself and had been used to shatter the walls of Jericho. (JLA v1 #7)

When part of the Pax Dei, he was a King-Angel of the Cherubim Alpha Battalion. (JLA v1 #6)


  • Asmodel was created by Grant Morrison where he made his first appearance in JLA v1 #7 (July 1997).


  • JLA v1:

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