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The Asurans are a machine species that inhabit the Pegasus Galaxy in Stargate: Atlantis.



Creation and Betrayal

Discovery of Atlantis



Though the Asurans appear to be Human at a glance, they are actually made of microscopic nanites that have converged together into a single form. As such, they have incredibly strong; able to lift a grown Human or throw them across a room. This also provides them with other advantages such as the ability to actually move through doors or other enclosures so long as their are microscopic cracks for them to move through. This same ability also allows them to move their hands into the foreheads of captured Humans in order to interrogate them by entering their minds; a process that can be quite painful. Once this is complete, the Asurans know everything their prisoner knew which has proven to be quite an effective information gathering feat.

As they are made from a cloud of nanites, the Asurans have proven to a large number of weaponry; both projectile and energy though the weapon fire does temporarily stun them.

Base Code

The base code is the term given to the underlining program that governs the Asuran replicators. There are millions of such codes embedded within the Asurans which covers various directives. Some commands included a programmed response to attack the Wraith aggressively, to never harm their creators, prevention of taking on a different form from their natural Human looking appearance as well as forbid them from tampering with their own code.

After Dr McKay hacked into the base code the first time, the Asurans were given a window into altering their own code on a limited level. This allowed them to remove the directive that prevented them from harming their makers.

Subspace Link

Asuran network.

All the Asurans are connected to one another through a subspace network; a collective which guides them together as a singular. They are not a hive mind and are capable of working as individuals though the link provides them a greater degree of efficiency. It also allows them to distribute data among their kind during periodic Merges where they remain inactive as the information is uploaded to them.

One of the more powerful aspects of the link is the capability of the Asurans of using it to connect to renegade members of their kind. This allows them to Reset those Asurans that have turned against them and reverted them back to their base programming state. Essentially, this means that all the experiences they have learnt are wiped and they return to their most aggressive earlier state.


Society and Culture



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