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The Banshee are an alien race that feature in the cartoon series Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.



The Banshee are an alien species that have lived in harmony with the planet Earth and are the source of the Banshee myths. They are a powerful faction of aliens that prefer their isolation. However, there have been recent rising tensions between them the mostly unaware Humanity due to Mankinds growing dependence on electronics.

The race are known teleporters who can levitate in the air naturally. The entire species appear to consist of females and no male has been sighted among them. Tough they appear as Human women, their extraterrestrial origins immediately appear when they demonstrate their abilities. A sharp scream is constantly heard when they make use of their powers, their eyes glow and their hair rises in an almost supernatural manner. They can predict when someone is about to die and can fire bursts of energy from their hands.

Banshees have a lifespan that ranges for hundreds to thousands of years and have been on Earth, more specifically in Ireland, since their landing in 527 BC. They have tense relatons with the Global Alliance and are in a state of constant warfare with the Vampires empire. At some point in their early history, they defeated the Minotauri race and kept two members of the race in suspended animation.

They possessed a base of operations that was at an unspecified location near a large massive tree known as the Tree of Light. They made extensive use of a specific type of stone which were fashioned from meteors to serve as mediums through which they could focus their teleportation abilities.


Visions are a potent ability that the Banshee possess which allows them to see the future. One of the more well known versions of this ability are the race's Death Visions which were capable of determing if an individual was close to dying which was so accurate that the Banshee could determine it within seconds though they were incapable of determing where the danger came from.

Mind Bond

The Mind Bond was a deep telepathic link that the Banshee were capable of initiating with another. This bond was a deep one that members of the race did not do so lightly for it created a permanent connection between the two. This was typically done with those that were in love with one another. Even when separated by distance, the two were never alone.

This bond allowed the two to enter the other' minds and help in discovering repressed memories.

Iron Death

A Banshee that lives too long among technology becomes tainted by the machines which slowly corrupts the Banshees. They slowly become sicker and sicker due to lack of contact with nature. At which point they revert to the most primal of Banshee states and become a danger to all around them. This is because the Banshee suffering from the disease begins to mutate the technology around them which turns into a techno-organic state which consumes everyting around it.

Its stated that there is no cure for those that suffer from the Iron Death, however, the Earth Stones contain a powerful magic that is capable of healing those infected by the disease as long as they hold the stones in their hand.


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