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Barasuishou is a female villainous doll that features in Rozen Maiden.



Barasuishou was a Rozen Maiden created by the doll crafter Enju who was an apprentice of Rozen who had created the Rozen Maiden Dolls.

After the seeming death of Suigintou, Barasuishou made her appearance known where she introduced herself as the seventh Rozen Maiden Doll. This was actually a lie and part of an elaborate plan to restart the Alice Game in order for it to reach its conclusion. The true goal of this deception was for Barasuishou to harvest the Rosae Mysticae from the other Rozen Maidens in order for her to become the strongest doll.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, she resembled a regular doll and was similar to the Rozen Maidens. Over her left eye was a rose layered eye patch that covered it and her other eye was yellow in color. Barasuishou was dressed in an ornately ruffled dress with a small pale colored rose on it.

She portrays herself as being almost emotionless and mercilessly attacked the other Rozen Maidens to take their Rosae Mysticae.

Powers and abilities

Unlike the other dolls, she was not a true Rozen Maiden and thus lacked a Rosae Mysticae.


  • The character was an original creation for the anime series and does not feature in the Manga.


  • Rozen Maiden:

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