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Barbara Wilson is a female character that features in the movie Batman and Robin.



Barbara Wilson was the daughter of Margaret Wilson (Peg) who was the sister of Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred in turn was the butler at Wayne Manor who looked after Bruce Wayne. During her youth, Barbara was sent to college at Oxbridge Academy which was her uncle Alfred's alma mater and it was there where she studied computers. Sometime afterwards, her parents died in a car accident and Wilson was later supported by her uncle Alfred. However, she never gave up her love of racing motercycles which led to her being expelled from college. Despite this being the case, she retained a genuine love of her uncle to the point that she intended to repay his act of kindness by aiming to ending his life of servitude as a butler.


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  • The character is portrayed in the movie by Alicia Silverston.
  • Barbara Wilson is a unique character to the Burtonverse movies where she is based on Barbara Gordon.


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