Baron Ikito

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Baron Ikito

Baron Ikito was a representative of Japan who assisted Conrad Stauffer in his efforts to obtain the Griffin family's invisibility formula. In November, 1941, he, Stauffer and some thugs went to America incognito and invaded Frank Griffin's printing shop, and tried to force him to give up his grandfather Jack Griffin's formula. When Frank refused, it was Ikito who suggested using a large paper-slicer to cut off his fingers.

Ikito returned to Germany with Stauffer a year later in early 1942 following the eruption of World War II. Empty-handed as they were because Frank had escaped, Ikito worried incessantly about what he would tell his superiors back in Japan, who did not look kindly on failure. Eventually, he succeeded in capturing Frank, who was now an invisible agent, and took him back to the Japanese embassy in Berlin, but Frank was allowed to escape when Stauffer, summoned by Karl Heiser, arrived in full-force to claim the Invisible Man for Germany. Having failed a second time, Ikito realized that his superiors would more than likely have him executed for his mistake, and so committed suicide, but not before killing Stauffer for interfering and allowing Frank to escape.

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