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Battleworld is a planet that features in Marvel Comics.




Secret Wars

After the Final Incursion, everything within the Multiverse died though Doctor Doom ascended into an omnipotent god-like entity. With his new power, he crafted Battleworld that was built from the remnants of the Incursion points between collapsing worlds. (Secret Wars v1 #3)

One event mentioned in stories was that Battleworld was once threatened by a giant alien being named a Celestial. The creature intended to make the world its own until God Emperor Doom intervened where he destroyed the entity and left its ruined head floating above Battleworld. There it served as a moon and a reminder of the omnipotent power of Doom where in time it became populated by various alien beings. (Guardians of Knowhere v1 #1) At some point, a version of the Red Skull on this world arose who challenged the authority of God Emperor Doom and led an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to overthrow him. For the failed uprising, the Red Skull was punished by being sent beyond the Shield to die in the Deadlands. He became a symbol for those discontent with Doom's rule and an Order of the Red Skull formed with others seeking to emulate him as a sign of dissent against the ruler of Battleworld. Some whispers even spoke of the Red Skull still being alive and planning an attack on Doom's kingdom though these were mostly dismissed by the regular populace. (Red Skull v2 #1)

Eight years after the destruction of the Multiverse, the Cabal's life raft was accidently opened and they made their way across the planet following their murder of one of the Thor Corps. Sheriff Strange upon learning of the raft brought the Thor that accidently opened it to the Hidden Isle of Agamotto to his Sanctum Sanctorum to open another raft that had been recovered three years previously. With the Thor's power, the raft was opened and its occupants that consisted of various superheroes emerged that were from the prior reality. (Secret Wars v1 #3)

In the aftermath, the world had cracked leading to it becoming a chrysalis dimension known as the Battlerealm with one of the few survivors being the Maestro that survived on a ruined piece in space. The Elders of the Universe came upon it to confirm their suspicion that the Multiverse had been destroyed and reborn. With a new Multiverse, they sought to claim upon its power and riches but debated on how to divide it among themselves. The Grandmaster suggested a new Contest of Champions whereby each of them selected a champion in the Multiverse to fight in the Battlerealm. The Maestro was selected to be among the combatants who fought in the Contest. Each eliminated champion led to one of the Elders being removed from the competition leaving only the Grandmaster and the Collector with their respective champions of Punisher 2099 and the Maestro. The Maestro convinced the two Elders to expand the Contest to allow for teams of champions led by a summoner to serve as coach as they battled for Iso-Sphere. However, this proved to be a trick by the Maestro as he scavenged enough technology to attack the weakened Grandmaster to take his portion of the Iso-Sphere. With it, he managed to draw on the remaining portion of the Iso-Sphere from the Collector whereupon he used its power to banish the Elders from the Battlerealm. With the Iso-Sphere, the Maestro used the Power Primordial to reforge the Battlerealm back into Battleworld so he could become its ruler. (Contest of Champions v2 #6)


Its inhabitants could not remember the universe that came before and instead always saw their home as being Battleworld. After its creation, it took effort to synchronize their memories to the new reality but in time they became part of this new planet. (Secret Wars v1 #3)

As long as Doom's resolute orders obeyed, the ruling baron or baroness had complete control over their province but were typically limited to within their own borders. However, should there be skirmishes between two kingdoms, than the ultimate authority resided in Doom's court. Sometimes, such disputes were resolved by the formation of an alliance or rulers being usurped or conquered. Within the court of Doom, the Sheriff of Agamotto served as the law and dispenser of its principles. Formal charges were often brought to the court with the accused escorted there to answer for their crimes. If found guilty, they could be asked to compensate the aggrieved party with either gold or territory. Alternatively, the accused can challenge to combat and if victorious they could drop the charges against them. Should the challenge be refused than that party had to pay the challenger recompense. Though this was the law, Doom himself could intervene if he felt the matter deserved his attention. For acts of sedition, rulers of a province guilty of the crime could be stripped of their rank and exiled beyond the Wall where they died. (Secret Wars v1 #2)

The chief enforcers of Doom's will were an army of Thors that were drawn from the ranks from across the realms. Candidates were brought to the realm of Doomgard where they were required to life a hammer. Those successful were empowered and acted as the law enforcement of Battleworld who had the authority to arrest anyone including barons. (Secret Wars v1 #2)

Among the kingdoms of the newly created Battleworld were:

  • Greenland : The Doomicus Hulkicus Carnivorae plant or Hulk-Eater was a large carnivorous Gamma mutated plant that attacked those that approached it. (Planet Hulk v1 #2)
  • Dystopia :
  • Domain of Apocalypse :
  • Egyptia :
  • Technopolis :
  •  :
  • Spider-Island :
  • The Regency :
  • King James' England :
  • Weirdworld :
  • K'un Lun :
  • Utopolis :
  • New Mars :
  •  :
  • High Avalon :
  • Arachnia :
  • Marville :
  • The Eye of Agamotto :
  •  :
  • Manhattan :
  • The City :
  • The Warzone :
  • New Quack City :
  • The Far East :
  • Valley of Flame :
  • The HYDRA Empire :
  • 2099 :
  • Hala Field :
  • The Monarchy of M :
  • Sentinel Territories :
  • The Wastelands :
  • Mutopia :
  • Westchester :
  • Killville :
  • Arcadia :
  • Bar Sinister :
  • Limbo :
  • The Deadlands :
  • Perfection :
  • New Xandar :
  • The Wall :

The capital of Battleworld was Castle Doom at Doomstadt where stood Galactus as its world devouring sentinel. Within the world, the borders between the realms were clearly defined and travel between them was strongly discouraged. Only special dispensation from a ruling baron allowed an individual to pass between the kingdoms. There were many horrors outside the Wall had been built to keep the nightmares out. Among them include the undead zombie horde, the seasonal migration of the Annihilation Wave's drone army and the self-adapting evolving Ultron A.I. that sought to break out every generation. (Secret Wars v1 #2)

It was not situated in any planet in Earth's native galaxy. Battleworld was the name to the common folk but to the highborn they referred to it as Latverion and believers referred to it as god's kingdom. (Secret Wars v1 #2) The world contained its own sun to illuminate it which was actually Jonathan Storm who rebelled against Doom and as punishment his sister Susan Storm had him made into the sun that orbited the planet. (Secret Wars v1 #3)



  • Battleworld was created by Jim Shooter and Michael Zeck where it made its first appearance in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars v1 #1 (May, 1984).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Avengers: Secret Wars, Battleworld appeared in the animated television series starting in the episode "Beyond". It was created as part of a grand experiment by the Beyonder who built it from pieces of various worlds including Earth with him abducting the Avengers who were taken to the planetoid.


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  • Red Skull v2:

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