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A Behelit is an object that features in Berserk.



Behelits were small egg-shaped objects that were created for use by the God Hand and had the power to open a gateway into Hell


In appearance, Behelits were one of many small egg-shaped talismans bearing human facial features (eyes, mouth, nose) randomly scattered across it. Behelits are the keys to Hell. When the one who possesses it feels great pain, despair and sorrow, or when their blood comes into contact with it through sheer force of will, the facial features will align properly, it's eyes will open and shed tears of blood and it will scream, bringing Hell itself to the vicinity. Then, the God Hand will descend to perform a ceremony based on the request of the Behelit bearer.

There are two kinds of Behelits. Generic Behelits which appear in various colors. When its bearer summons the God Hand, they undergo a ceremony sacrifising something precious to them in order to become demonic Apostles.

Then there is the crimson Behelit of the God Hand, which is also called the Egg of the King. Only five individuals were ever fated to come into contact with this Behelit, and upon summoning the God Hand to perform an eclipse ceremony must sacrifice something truly great. The bearer upon completing his transformation takes his place among the God Hand. The most recent bearer was Griffith.


  • Griffith :


  • Behelits were created by Kentaro Miura where they featured in the setting of Berserk.


  • Berserk:

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