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Thaal Sinetro vs. Bekka in Sinstro v1 #7.

Bekka is a female comic superheroes that features in DC Comics.




Batman with Bekka in Superman/Batman v1 #40.

She was on Apokolips when she saw Darkseid back down following a confrontation with Batman where she became impressed at his bravery. Bekka then hid on-board the mobile planetoid Tartaros where she kept a watch on Darkseid's forces within one of her fathers old laboratories. Whilst there, she found a mind-controlled Superman who was sent by Desaad to kill Batman with Bekka using her Mother Box to phase the Dark Knight out of the way. She hid Batman in a laboratory where she treated his injuries where her power caused a deep attraction between herself and the Dark Knight. (Superman/Batman v1 #40) This was due to her particular New God power which she could not control. As they attempted to rescue Superman, they were discovered by Parademons with Bekka using her phasing technology to hide them. She then departed to escape the intense feelings she and Batman had for one another as she sought to kill Darkseid with a sniper weapon to stop him from gaining the power of Highfather's staff that was recovered from the Source Wall. However, she failed but managed to escape but Desaad altered the environment on Tartaros's surface to create freezing conditions in an effort to kill Bekka. She succumbed to the cold but was saved by Batman who took her back to the underground in the mobile planetoid battleship. (Superman/Batman v1 #41) After recovering, she and Batman nearly succumbed to their intense attraction to one another when their focus returned to Darkseid who had restored himself to full power. Superman was returned back to normal where he along with Batman and Bekka attacked the ruler of Apokolips who fled back to his world whilst the mobile planetoid was destroyed. Bekka and the heroes escaped to Earth where Orion had arrived to recover his wife to take her back to New Genesis. Once there, he departed once more on a mission leaving her alone where she was killed b a mysterious figure that was murdering the New Gods. (Superman/Batman v1 #42)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new history of events was created by an alteration in the timeline. In this version of events, Bekka was the daughter of Himon and an inhabitant of New Genesis where she had the unusual ability to inspire feelings of love in others with these individuals doing anything for her. A result of this meant that Bekka did not have a typical childhood as even the New Gods of any age sought her love. These even led to fights amongst others between themselves as they sought to gain her attention. Highfather came to notice her and even felt her ability but was able to resist it but decided that she had potential as a warrior on the battlefield. Thus, she was trained as a soldier and even became inducted into the Council of Seven as one of New Genesis's leading general. (Sinestro Annual v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

At first, she was terrified over her unconscious ability to inspire love in others forcing her to flee them. During her training as a warrior, she stated that she hated it whenever someone surrendered to her for her love. (Sinestro Annual v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

As a god, she was defined by an obsession which in her case was the creation of desire on both a physical and emotional level. She was able to draw it out of others who responded to her as if they had heard a siren's call. Bekka could not control this power and was similarly affected by it. (Superman/Batman v1 #41) As a child, she had the unconscious ability to inspire feelings of love for her in others. In time, she learnt to focus her talents and make the more controlled. (Sinestro Annual v1 #1) It operated at its most strongest with men who denied themselves love. After breaking through their heart, her love and that of the other then fed on one another until the other person surrendered. As such, the more hardened the heart then the stronger the pull felt between the two of them with the only way to stop it was through consummation. (Superman/Batman v1 #41)

New God technology allowed her to phase her and those in physical with her making them invisible to anyone around them. In this state, she and others could converse with one another without being heard. (Superman/Batman v1 #41)


  • Bekka was created by Jack Kirby where she made her first appearance in DC Graphic Novel v1 #4 (March 1984).

Alternate Versions

  • In Batman Beyond Unlimited v1 #9 (2012), Bekka was shown in the alternate future of Batman Beyond in the tie-in comics to the animated series. Bruce Wayne as Batman had encountered her at some point with the moment being a tender one between them. Years later, she was married to Orion and had become Queen of Apokolips after it had unified with New Genesis after the New Gods world was ravaged. She mistook the new Batman Terry McGinnis for Bruce with her powers causing him to experience longing for her until Orion interrupted.

In other media


  • In Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Bekka appeared as this parallel reality's Wonder Woman where she was voiced by actor Tamara Taylor. She was shown as an inhabitant of New Genesis and a daughter of Highfather. To bring about peace, the rulers of Apokolips and New Genesis decided to bring about a marriage between their children. Thus, Bekka was to marry Orion who was the son of Darkseid. Initially, she did not want to marry him but came to love his kindness and gifted her a sword with a Mother Box embedded in the hilt. In reality, the marriage was a trap set by Highfather to kill Darkseid but for his daughters sake he agreed to spare Orion she she ran away with him after the wedding. After the wedding, she attempted to take Orion away when New Genesis sprung their trap. Highfather killed Darkseid with Orion moving to save his father only to perish. The distraught Bekka cursed Highfathers name stating him to be evil and she departed through a Boom Tube to Earth. On Earth, she joined the Justice League headed by that worlds version of Superman and Batman with herself as Wonder Woman.


  • In Justice League: Gods and Monster Chronicles, Bekka appeared in the prequel episode "Big" as Wonder Woman where was voiced by actor Tamara Taylor. During the episode, she used her Mother Box to track down government special ops agent Steve Trevor who had been captured by Kobra. Using a Boom Tube, she arrived at the scene and defeated the Kobra agents but not before they unleashed their robotic superweapon named Giganta. She later battled the giant humanoid machine and defeated her by removing the CPU in the head.


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