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Benedict Kine is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Benedict Kine, alongside Reeva Payge and Benazir Kaur, joined the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club following Shinobi Shaw's coup against his father, Sebastian Shaw. Kine was present when Shinobi attempted to force X-Men member Storm into joining him. Kine fought against the X-Men when they tried to rescue Storm but was defeated alongside his fellow Lords Cardinal.

Kine attempted to remove Shinobi Shaw from power and take over the New York branch of the Club by invoking a Rite of Challenging. Kine used the robotic White Knights to hunt down J. Jonah Jameson, hoping that his death would cause the Daily Bugle to cease investigating Hellfire Club. As part of the Rite, Shaw used the Ebon Knights, also robots, to prevent Kine's attempted murder. Jameson was saved thanks to the intervention of Spider-Man and then the X-Men, who were called by Tessa. Following the neutralization of Kine's White Knights, Kine tried to attack Shaw, but was stopped by Spider-Man.

After being defeated, Kine disappeared, presumably to escape Shaw's retribution, and his whereabouts are unknown. If he survived, its unknown if he is among the millions of depowered mutants following House of M.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Benedict Kine is a mutant with the psionic ability to take control of the nervous systems of others, allowing him to control their movements as well as cause paroxysms of extreme pleasure or pain.


  • Benedict Kine was created by Ian Edginton and Gene Ha where he made his first appearance in X-Men Annual v2 #3 (October, 1994).


  • X-Men Annual:

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