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Bialar Crais is a male television character that features in Farscape.




Bialar Crais was born in a Sebacean farming community, but while still a boy, he and his younger brother Tauvo were taken from their family and conscripted into the Peacekeeper military. As they were hauled away, Crais' father charged him to look after his younger brother. It was a burden Crais would always remember, one that would later come back to haunt him. Crais and his brother eventually dedicate their lives to being Peacekeepers. Both rise through the ranks until Bialar Crais becomes a captain and gains command of his own Command Carrier. It is a position rarely achieved by any Peacekeeper not born on a carrier. Tauvo, who reaches the rank of Lieutenant, serves under Crais' direct command as a Prowler pilot. Bialar finds his grip on sanity slipping as the years progress, and he becomes drunk on the power and refuses to listen to any cautionary statements from colleagues and subordinates. Crais was able to use his position to pursue several scientific projects, one of which includes the breeding of a Leviathan/gunship hybrid under the supervision of Lt. Velorek. The project takes place on the Leviathan Moya and leads to the placement of the ship's current Pilot after her first pilot is executed for failing to comply with their demands. The project eventually leads to both Velorek's execution after it was revealed that he was undermining its progress as well as Crais' first encounter with Officer Aeryn Sun.

Two cycles later, Crais' battle group is transporting Moya to the prison colony Terren Ra, when the prisoners aboard Moya stage an escape. Crais orders an attack on the Leviathan to stop them, and a number of Prowlers assault the Leviathan. During the fight, a wormhole opens in space and the Farscape One module, piloted by John Crichton, emerges. The module appears directly in front of Tauvo's Prowler and he collides with it. The impact knocks his Prowler out of control and into a nearby asteroid, destroying the ship and killing him. After taking Crichton's ship on board, the prisoners, who include Ka D'Argo, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, and Dominar Rygel XVI, manage to free Moya of her control collar and starburst away. Officer Sun's Prowler is caught in the ship's wake and pulled with it through the starburst. When Crais learns of the accident, he believes that Crichton intentionally rammed Tauvo's Prowler and murdered his brother. He pursues Moya to a nearby commerce planet and confronts Crichton and Aeryn on its surface, accusing Crichton of murder and announcing he intends to dissect him for further study of the human species. When Aeryn attempts to defend Crichton, Crais declares her "irreversibly contaminated" for spending too much time with the specimen from the unknown species, a charge that carries the sentence of death. As they are being transferred back to his carrier, John and Aeryn manage to escape back to Moya. Though Crais pursues with his Command Carrier, Crichton is able to use the planet's gravity to slingshot Moya to a velocity that allows her to escape. Though he has lost him for now, Crais decides to pursue Moya outside of Peacekeeper space and into the Uncharted Territories in order to recover its prisoners and bring his brother's "killer" to justice.




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  • Bialar Crais was portrayed by actor Lani Tupu.
  • Series' creator Rockne O'Bannon named the character after his friend, contemporary mystery novelist Robert Crais.


  • Farscape:

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