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Batman versus the Black Glove organization from Batman: The Black Glove.

The Black Glove are a criminal organization that features in DC.



Following the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the Black Glove was active in Gotham when they attempted to sacrifice a human drifter in order to summon bat-god Barbatos and blame the circumstances of the ritual on the deceased Waynes. (Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne v1 #5)

They enacted a new game which was to see who would win in a contest between good against evil. This saw them coming to target the International Club of Heroes with them. (Batman v1 #668) John Mayhew came to gamble in this game where he placed his bets on evil and orchestrated an elaborate scheme against the Batmen of All Nations. After his failure in eliminating him, the Black Glove deemed him a failure and had him killed. (Batman v1 #669)

As part of their offensive against Batman, they targeted his team of Outsiders where they faked a transmission from him and sent a code that infected ReMAC causing him to run amok then detonate. This resulted in the death of a member of the team along with the disappearance of another and a further Outsider being left in a coma thus crippling them. Batgirl Cassandra Cain came to learn of their involvement and vowed to assemble a new team to challenge the criminal organization. (Batman and the Outsiders v2 #12)


It was held as a seal of absolute quality and ruthlessness. They claimed that they delivered deluxe service high stake experience at the very highest levels of international game. (Batman v1 #667)


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  • The Black Glove were created by Grant Morrison and Tony S. Daniel where they made their first appearance in Batman v1 #667 (August 2007).


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