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The Black Scorpions are a group of warriors from The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior



The Black Scorpion's were famed Akkadian warriors that had operated during the reign of Emperor Hammurabi and acted as his bodyguards. During this time, they were led by Sargon who served as the general of the Emperor's armies. Mathayus attempted to join their ranks and his friend Layla was removed from the arena when it was discovered she was a woman. In that moment, Mathayus struck Sargon the Black Scorpion's General with his staff. He would have been killed had his father not intervened and defended his son with this act impressing King Hammurabi. Hammurabi told Ashur that Mathayus would be accepted into the Black Scorpion's and become of their number. Unknown to anyone, this act angered Sargon who in his jealously of Ashur decided to target him for assassination.


Members of the Black Scorpions were the Emperor of Akkad's elite and best warriors during ancient times. Their ancient code of honour prevented them from abandoning their master on the battlefield and so they became the personal protectors to emperors and princes of Akkad. Their skill and brutality was legendary to the enemies of the kingdom. It's members are chosen by participating in the games where youths prove themselves if they are worthy enough to join the elite order. During their training, the young inductees are judged on how skilled they are and when they pass their trials; they take part of a ceremony which officially inducts them within the Black Scorpions order.


  • Asha :
  • Mathayus :


  • The Scorpion King 2: "Rise of a Warrior"

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