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Bob Hawkins was a long-time friend and ally of Jack Napier. He was with Napier the night he shot and killed the parents of a young Bruce Wayne, and he continued to work with him years later under Carl Grissom. Bob opted to stick with Napier when he became Joker, and became the leader of his henchmen. Although Bob was a very loyal and reliable underling, the Joker was completely insane didn't care about any of that. After Batman foiled his plan to poison Gotham City with Smylex gas, the Clown Prince of Crime took out his frustration on poor Bob, shooting his loyal thug with Bob's own gun.


Bob is identified in the film credits simply as Bob the Goon, and his full name is not given in the film itself. Information on his action figure's cardback identifies him as Robert "Crazy Bob" Capistrano. His official surname, Hawkins, comes from the shooting script as well as Craig Shaw Gardner's out-of-print novelization.

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