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Bradley was a member of the crew of the British ship sunk by the U-33. Of the crew that managed to escape in a lifeboat, Bradley was the senior in rank, and commanded the ragtag group alongside Bowen Tyler, storming and seizing control of the German sub. He proved a loyal and intelligent ally to Tyler in Caprona, and was very handy with weapons, felling an allosaurus with a Luger during an attack.

When Dietz wanted to leave Caprona without Tyler, Lisa Clayton, Whiteley, Benson and Sinclair who were out hunting, Dietz betrayed Bradley and Captain Von Schoenvorts. Von Schoenvorts was wounded and Bradley almost killed, however Olson warned him, and took the bullet instead. Bradley was taken below at gunpoint. During an ensuing volcanic eruption, Dietz tried to submerge the sub in the boiling water. Choking from the heat and the smoke, Bradley wrestled a gun away from a German crewman and shot Dietz, killing him. He then succumbed to the heat and died when the U-33 sank and blew up.

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