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Breetai is an extraterrestrial character that features in Robotech.



Dolza is ordered by the Robotech Masters to find the SDF-1, because they are running out of Protoculture, a form of energy. Dolza knows that finding the ship is like finding a needle in the galactic haystack. Breetai is chosen for this difficult mission because of his military skill and intellect and his reputation as the best field commander of all the Zentraedi. Eventually, Breetai and his fleet find the SDF-1 on Earth, which marks the beginning of the First Robotech War. Breetai is assisted by Exedore, the oldest of the Zentraedi and one the smartest and most knowledgeable of his race. The two are rarely apart as Exedore's intelligence proves to be an asset to Breetai's military prowess in both military and diplomatic endeavours. Breetai conducts his operations from the bridge of his flagship. The largest ship in his fleet, Breetai's flagship is four kilometers long.

On Earth, Breetai finds the ship completely remodeled and is confounded by the actions of the Micronians. Their raid consisting of two ARMD class carrier bewilders him, as he believes that the Micronians are not even able to use their own weapons. Breetai then orders a scout team down and the destruction of the city surrounding the fortress. These actions cause SDF-1's captain, Captain Henry J. Gloval, to order a space-fold, which takes his ship and Macross island around Pluto. Breetai follows, and as the SDF-1 tries to work its way back to Earth, he launches wave after wave to harass the ship, but not destroy it, out of fear of destroying the Protoculture Generator.

As the war with the SDF-1 continues, more and more soldiers under Breetai's command become enamoured with the human way of life due to their increased exposure to human emotions and culture. In April 2011, Zentraedi infiltrator Miriya Parina falls in love with human ace pilot Max Sterling and the two are married in a huge ceremony on board the SDF-1. The wedding proves to be such a significant event that the Zentraedi also observe the wedding (which was broadcast on television). Breetai, who is watching the event on his monitor, asks Exedore what Miriya is doing. Exedore explains that she is "getting married", which he explains to Breetai is "a condition in which male and female live together". Breetai, despite his view that marriage is a "strange Micronian custom", nonetheless believes that Miriya is enjoying herself and he wonders aloud what he suspects: that Miriya, like previous Zentraedi defectors, has found the human way of life too enjoyable to resist. Exedore comments that human emotions are something which the Zentraedi seem to have no defense against.

Breetai is subsequently ordered by Zentraedi supreme commander Dolza to launch a full-scale assault to destroy the SDF-1, but by now, Breetai, like many of the Zentraedi under him, is having second thoughts. During the battle, Miriya shows Max how to disable Zentraedi power armor without killing the pilots. This new tactic is then utilized by the rest of the SDF-1's forces. This development, combined with the Zentraedi's increased exposure to human emotions and the realization that the human way of life may just be more enjoyable (a feeling that was amplified by watching Miriya, their greatest warrior, get married to a human) causes a wave of mutinies to spread through the Breetai's fleet as soldiers refuse to fight and turn against their superiors. Breetai, realizing that his forces can no longer fight, is forced to call a truce with the SDF-1, although by now even Breetai has accepted that the humans do not have to be his enemies.

Breetai's decision to call a truce with the SDF-1 one marks him and his fleet for death by Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza, who fears that the contamination of human culture will destroy the Zentraedi if it is not halted. In 2011, Dolza mobilizes his entire fleet of 4.8 million warships to travel to Earth to destroy the planet, the SDF-1 and the contaminated Zentraedi. Breetai and his forces join the SDF-1 in the against Dolza's fleet. Although this new alliance are unable to prevent 95% of Earth's surface from being devastated by Dolza's fleet, they are able to destroy Dolza, his planetoid home base and virtually the entire Zentraedi Grand fleet. This defeat marks the end of the Zentraedi's once awesome galactic power.

Following the destruction of Dolza's fleet, Breetai and the surviving Zentraedi work to rebuild Earth along with the 70,000 human survivors of the war. Although some Zentraedi soon find themselves unable to overcome their natural urge to fight, most of them, including Breetai remains loyal to his newfound human friends. In June 2013, Breetai leads a Zentraedi/human operation to capture the last remaining Zentraedi Satellite Factory. Among those under his command during the operation are Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Claudia Grant, Max Sterling and Miriya Parina Sterling. In addition to helping rebuild Earth, the factory also serves as the platform to build the SDF-3 Pioneer, the flagship of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) to search for the Robotech Masters' homeworld. A micronized Breetai joins the SDF-3 on its mission when the ship is launched in 2022. Even micronized, Breetai still stands eight feet tall. He proves to be valuable asset to the REF on a mission which would span more than two decades.

In December 2022, Breetai is micronized to human size (although he remains very large compared to most humans) in order to enable him to join the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) on the mission to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. On the day before the SDF-3 launches, Breetai gives away the bride at the wedding of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes.

In Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, Breetai dies while fighting the Invid Regent but, both are killed aboard the Regent's flagship when it is fired upon by General T. R. Edwards.


Personality and attributes

Breetai has black hair and one dark blue eye. The right half of Breetai's scalp and nearly half his face were severely burned in a battle with the Invid many years earlier. To cover his injuries, Breetai wears a metal alloy prosthesis on the right side of his face with a glittering crystal lens in place of his right eye. In Robotech II: The Sentinels and Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, Breetai, after being micronized, wears a different face plate in the form of a helmet that covers his entire head. He stood at 13.54 metres (44.4 feet) tall and weighed 16,750 kg (36,930 lbs).

Powers and abilities

In addition to his size, Breetai is stronger and more resilient than most Zentraedi as is demonstrated in episodes 10 and 11 of the series. Breetai, after being blown out of a hull breach while engaging in hand-to-hand combat with three Veritech mecha, is able survive and function in the vacuum of space for several minutes without any protective suit or oxygen source. Upon safely reentering the ship, Breetai's incredible strength is evident in that despite that ordeal he quickly reengages his opponents with even more ferocity and is able to overpower and tear apart most of them with his bare hands. Max Sterling escapes only by being blown out another breach himself. Breetai is also able to survive thruster blasts and explosions at very close range without any visible injuries.


  • Breetai was voiced by actor Tony Clay.
  • The character was adapted from Britai Kridanik from the Macross Universe.

Alternate Versions

  • In the Jack McKinney Robotech Sentinels novels, Breetai is placed in charge of mining operations on the world of Fantoma, where he recalled the suppressed memories of his past life before the Zentraedi race was made into soldiers for the Robotech Masters. Eventually he commands the remaining Zentraedi in a battle against the Invid on the world of Optera, where he and the Invid Regent die in combat together. However, before dying, he develops a romantic relationship with a female Zentraedi, Kazianna Hesh, with whom he conceives the first non-micronized Zentraedi child shortly before his death. The other events that occurred in the novels (which have been relegated to secondary continuity) may not have occurred in the rebooted Robotech timeline.


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