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The Brethren Court are a group that features in Pirates of the Caribbean.



The Brethren Court was an organization created by the greatest of the Pirate Lords that existed in the 17th century. It was created when nine pirates looked to taming the seas and dividing it amongst themselves. To accomplish this feat, they sought to capture the sea-goddess Calypso which they believed would achieve this goal. During this time, they were approached by Davy Jones who offered them the means to achieve this feat. Through a magic rite, they were able to trap the old goddess and bound her in the human form that came to be known as Tia Dalma with this mystically linked to the nine Piece of Eight held by the pirate lords. This feat of the First Brethren Court was said to had heralded an age of piracy with the lords able to divide the world amongst themselves.


Each of the nine members were all pirate lords and when a call was made to gather then all of them had to honor the summons.

They were known to use Shipwreck Cove as a gathering ground for their meetings.


  • Ammand :
  • Chevalle :
  • Sumbhajee Angria :
  • Ching :
  • Jocard :
  • Sao Feng : the pirate lord of Singapore.
  • Elizabeth Swann :
  • Hector Barbossa :
  • Eduardo Villanueva :
  • Jack Sparrow :
  • Edward Teague :


  • The Brethren Court were created by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio where they appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean:

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