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The Brotherhood of Evil are a supervillain team that features in Marvel Comics.




The Brotherhood of Evil were a team of supervillains brought together by the Brain. (Doom Patrol v1 #86)

An American man by the name of Morden sought to join the ranks of the Brotherhood. To prove himself, he commandeered a titanic robot Rog which fought the Doom Patrol to a standstill. This impressed the Brain where Morden was tasked with completing his assignment in destroying the Patrol. (Doom Patrol v1 #86)

The Brotherhood began trading in the creation of cloned Metahuman subjects that were sold on the black market. (Outsiders v3 #38)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. The Brain came to learn of the valuable Blue Beetle Scarab being situated in El Paso, Texas and dispatched his Brotherhood to acquire the relic. (Blue Beetle v9 #1) The operatives failed when they superhuman agents of the local crime lord La Dama arrived with the Scarab bonding with a bystander turning him into the Blue Beetle. For their failure, Silverback decided to lead the renewed effort at reacquiring the relic. They arrived in the town and tracked their quarry where they overwhelmed him in numbers but the Blue Beetle unleashed a neural scrambler on his enemies. This led to Silverback's human mind being trapped within his gorilla mechanical body as he was abandoned by his comrades. (Blue Beetle v9 #4)


In appearance, it was described as the most powerful criminal syndicate in the world. (Doom Patrol v1 #86)


  • Brain :
  • Monsieur Mallah :
  • Giacomo : a male midget who was an assistant to the Brain and adept in disguising himself with him typically taking the appearance of a child. (Doom Patrol v1 #87)
  • Gemini :
  • Warp :
  • Plasmus :
  • Houngan :
  • Phobia :
  • Trinity :
  • Elephant Man :
  • Goldilocks :
  • General Immortus :
  • Madame Rouge :
  • Garguax :
  • Morden : a male American who sought to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil and sought to prove himself by commandeering the mighty robot Rog for use against the Doom Patrol. (Doom Patrol v1 #86)
  • Silverback : a male member who during combat switched his mind into a mechanical gorilla form armed with heavy weapons and provided him superhuman strength as well as endurance. (Blue Beetle v9 #4)


  • The Brotherhood of Evil were created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani where they made their first appearance in Doom Patrol v1 #86 (March, 1964).

In other media


  • In Teen Titans, the Brotherhood of Evil appeared as the primary antagonists of the final season of the animated television series.
  • In Doom Patrol, the Brotherhood of Evil was referenced in the live-action DC Universe television series where they were mentioned in the episode "Puppet Patrol". They were said to had been a group of supervillains that operated in the 1930s with Eric Morden having been a member of the group.



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