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The Brotherhood of Light is an organization that features in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.



The Brotherhood of Light was an order of knights that was founded three centuries ago by three great warriors that were dedicated in their service to God. This was their sole purpose and the order was tasked with defeating the Devil. For decades, it was known that three Founders of the Brotherhood had fought fiercely against the minions as well as spawns of Satan until finally they tipped the balance in favor of Heaven. Their sheer commitment to their crusade led to them uncovering in their studies the location of three sacred sites where the power of God converged. These places forged a bridge between the spiritual and the mortal world where they used the power within these sites to purify their bodies. This led to them abandoning their Human forms whereupon they were transformed into spiritual beings who's power was second only to God. Unknown to them and many others, their bodies that remained behind were not simply devoid of souls but rather were consumed by the dark side of themselves. Thus, inadvertently, this gave rise to the Lords of Shadow who plagued the lands with their evil.

In time, the link between the Heaven's and the mortal plane began to grow weak for unknown reasons. This led to the Brotherhood consulting an ancient prophecy which spoke of a Warrior of Light who would be sent into the domains of the Lords of Shadow and end their reign of terror. Thus, they selected one of their own namely Gabriel Belmont who had lost his love and told to journey to the lands bordering Agharta and consulted Pan at the Lake of Oblivion in order to speak with his deceased wife about the fate of the souls of the dead. There, he met with Zobek and embarked on a crusade to fulfill the prophecy by killing the three Lords of Shadow.


Among the signature weapons of the order was the Combat Cross whose origins were largely unknown. It was known that many of the additions to these weapons were made by the orders chief artisan and alchemist; Rinaldo Gandalfi though certain designs that he included were rejected by the elders of the Brotherhood. These items were later hidden at abandoned order mausoleums in the hope that they would be used by a prophecised warrior that was said to emerge in the time of need. As such, the officially sanctioned version consisted of only an Iron Chain Chip that was forged from cast iron and drenched in holy water along with being blessed. A further upgrade included a Hook Tip allowing it to be used as a grappling hook whilst the Spiked Chain was a controversial upgrade that was disproved by the elders as it was deemed too cruel for a holy weapon though when used it allowed the user to use the chains as a saw or tame beasts to his will. The final addition was the Stake which allowed it to be used more effectively in hand-to-hand combat; especially against vampires.


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  • The Brotherhood of Light featured in the setting of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow universe.


  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow:

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