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Budd was the younger brother of Bill, and a formidable assassin in his own right. At one time, Bill gave him an inscribed Hanzo Sword as a gift. Budd was a member of Bill's Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (codename: Sidewinder), but came to feel guilty about his life as an assassin after he and the other DiVAS tried to kill Beatrix Kiddo. He also had a falling-out with Bill that both regretted- he even claimed he sold the Hanzo Sword Bill gave him to a pawn shop (but the Bride later learned this was a lie).

Budd retired to a job as a bouncer at a run-down strip club in the southwest U.S., infuriating his boss with his disinterest. When the Bride came to kill him, he surprised her by shooting her point-blank with rock salt. Budd then tied her up and buried her alive. In the meantime, Budd tried to sell the Bride's Hanzo Sword to Elle Driver for $1,000,000. However, Elle betrayed him, hiding a black mamba in the bag of money. Bitten several times by the mamba, he died from its venom.

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