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Caltiki is a monstrous life form that features in Caltiki - The Immortal Monster.


Caltiki was a large blob-like creature composed of dense fleshy mass that existed on the Earth for untold centuries. In ancient times, it was worshipped by the Mayan people who's men prayed to it as a goddess whilst their women offered their bodies to the creature. Thus, Caltiki was viewed as a vengeful Mayan goddess who were ceremonially presented with human sacrifices on a regular basis After the end of the Mayan civilization, Caltiki were left in an ancient abandoned temple which connected deep within the earth and held a treasure trove of artifacts. Since that time, Caltiki slumbered until archaeologists entered into the tomb who sought the priceless gold jewelry within the ancient chambers. One of their number was, however, attacked by the awakened Caltiki who devoured the body leaving behind nothing more then a decayed mass about his skeleton. Later, whilst studying the temple, Caltiki emerged and attacked from the pool where it attempted to digest anyone that drew near with one of the group being caught but rescued before the act was complete. As the Humans escaped, the monster followed from its cave only to be seemingly killed when a tanker truck full of gasoline collided with it that caused an explosion that vaporised the monster. A part of Caltiki survived which was the one caught by one of the archaeologists who had to be transported to Mexico City's hospital. The small piece of the monster had come apart from the main body and was still digesting the helpless human until the surgeons removed it but at the cost of his arm which had nothing more then a few moist pieces of flesh scraps attached to the bones.


After studying Caltiki, the scientists discovered it to be a unicellular bacterium that reproduced and grew larger when in the presence of radiation. It was a man eating protoplasm that devoured every living being that it touched leaving nothing behind but bones. At the time, a comet was crossing Earth's path as well which happened only once in 850 years which resulted in the small piece of Caltiki growing to enormous size as it reproduced at an accelerated rate.


  • Caltiki - The Immortal Monster:

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