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Jason Canmore

(1964 - ?) The oldest son of Charles Canmore, and older sibling of Robyn and Jon. In 1980, the three siblings witnessed the death of their father at the hands of the gargoyle, Demona. Right then and there, Jason vowed to continue the family legacy by taking up the mask of the Hunter with his siblings and not just hunting down Demona, but every single gargoyle on the face of the planet.

In 1996, the Hunt brought the Canmore siblings to Manhattan, where Jason infiltrated the 23rd Precinct under the alias Jason Conover, and was partnered with Elisa Maza and despite himself he began to fall in love with her. But as the Hunter, he drew the wrath of Goliath when he nearly killed Angela, which led to a war between the Manhattan Clan and the Hunters.

During the course of this conflict, the Hunters blew up the Clocktower and revealed the existence of gargoyles to the world. Goliath tracked the Hunters to a dam, and in the heat of battle both Jason and Elisa went over the dam and disappeared which led to both the Manhattan Clan and the Hunters to vow vengeance on each other.

Elisa managed to convince Jason that not all gargoyles were evil, and on the night of the Hunter's Moon, Jason attempted to end the Hunt by making peace with Goliath. However, his attempt was cut short when Jon (trying to shoot Goliath) accidently shot Jason. Jason and Robyn surrendered themselves to the authorities while Jon fled. He was hospitalized, with a severed spine. The price of his enlightenment was the loss of his ability to walk.

Jason Canmore was a strong man, strong in his prejudices, and strong enough to change upon learning the errors of his ways.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

According to Greg Weisman, Jason would have gotten probation and would have continued to be a friend of Elisa's. He would take a personal interest in Jon, who had now become John Castaway and was the leader of the Quarrymen.

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