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(1078 - ?) A young gargoyle hatched on Avalon. Angela and her Rookery siblings were raised together on Avalon by Princess Katharine, Tom and the Magus, and lived a happy, peaceful life until 1995 when her world extended far beyond the shores of Avalon.

Seeking domination of the world, the Archmage attacked Avalon allied with the Weird Sisters and using an enslaved Demona and Macbeth as soldiers. Tom ventured out to bring back their only hope, who was Goliath to help lead them against the Archmage. With Goliath came Elisa Maza and Bronx. During the battle, Angela helped Goliath defeat the Archmage and decided to leave Avalon with them to see the world and find her place in it.

Angela joined Goliath, Elisa and Bronx on their World Tour as Avalon sent them to different corners of the globe to battle evil. When they stopped in Loch Ness, Angela was captured by Dr. Anton Sevarius who took a blood sample from her and learned that she was Goliath's biological daughter. Afterwards, Angela grew extremely interested in her parentage much to Goliath's chagrin. Goliath felt it was inappropriate as such things were not the gargoyle way, but what he truly feared was Angela learning that Demona was her mother. A fear which ebcame justified when they stopped off in Paris and helped foil Thailog's scheme to kill both Demona and Macbeth and seize their assets.

Throughout the World Tour, Angela grew in maturity and as a warrior. While she lost a lot of her naivete, she did manage to retain her innocence and positive outlook on life. They eventually returned to Manhattan, where Angela took her place among the Manhattan Clan, the trio, especially Broadway and Brooklyn taking an immediete interest in her, much to her chagrin when she felt like she was being treated as little more than an object.

Eventually, Angela did get to know Demona, when Demona was captured and locked up in the Labyrinth, where Demona spent two months trying to convert and failed. When Angela learned that Demona was merely duping them all as part of a scheme for her and Thailog to clone and eliminate them all, she lashed out at Demona, but Demona saved their lives when Thailog tried to kill her, and Angela mourned when it appeared that Demona fell into a fire battling Thailog.

Angela was the vessel used for Desdemona when Puck was planning to transfer to her soul into Coldfire.

Later on, Angela was nearly killed by Jason Canmore causing Goliath to swear vengeance. Her life was saved by Elisa, and Angela and the clan battled the Hunters and defeated Demona's plan to destroy humanity before being rescued by David Xanatos and moved back into Castle Wyvern.

Afterwards, Angela and Broadway fell in love, Broadway seeing Angela for the person she is rather than just as an attractive female gargoyle.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Angela and Broadway's relationship would continue, and Angela herself would go on to try and become a bridge builder between gargoyles and humanity as well as try and reach out to Demona. Eventually she'd lay three eggs who would hatch and be raised by the clan under the names Artus, Gwenyvere and Lancelot.

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