Robyn Canmore

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Robyn Canmore

(1966 - ?) The middle child of Charles Canmore, Robyn was the latest in a long line of Hunters and with her two brothers Jason and Jon, they spent years hunting the gargoyle, Demona.

Robyn tracked Demona down in her human form, Dominique Destine, and took the alias Robyn Correy to take a job as Dominique's personal assistant at Nightstone Unlimited. It was here that Robyn discovered Demona's plan to wipe out humankind using the Fulfillment Spell.

Robyn along with her siblings engaged the Manhattan Clan in battle several times, and it was Robyn who fired the missiles destroying the Clocktower in which they slept above the 23rd Precinct.

On the night of the Hunter's Moon, Robyn and Jason learned the errors in their hatred towards gargoyles, and Robyn surrendered herself to arrest by the authorities.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Robyn would have been approached by a Federal Agent known only as the Director and offered the choice of leading a team on missions for him or spending the rest of her life in prison. She accepts and coerces Dingo, Matrix, Yama, and Fang into joining this team. She would have soon learned that her brother changed his name to John Castaway and was leading the Quarrymen. Jason would also have been a cause of her concern. She and Dingo would have had a stormy relationship, but would have eventually fallen in love and gotten married. By 2198, their descendents would be at odds with the Castaways.

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