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Fang in his cell

One of the mutates created from unwitting humans by Dr. Anton Sevarius. Unlike the others, Fang quickly adapted to (and enjoyed) his new state.

He followed Talon at first, until they moved into the Labyrinth. With Talon refusing to call himself a leader, the greedy and aggressive Fang decided to take that role for himself. Along with a cowed Claw, he organized a gang of thugs, and after finding a cache of Cyberbiotics weapony, he made an attempt to take over the Labyrinth. This was stopped with the help of Brooklyn and the Manhattan Clan, after which Talon finally assumed a leadership role.

Fang was imprisoned, but eventually freed by Demona to help in the plan she and Thailog concocted to destroy the Manhattan Clan. During this, Fang was defeated again, and imprisoned again.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Eventually, Fang would escape or be freed by Dr. Sevarius, and shortly after, he would have been caught and forced to join the Redemption Squad.

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