Captain von Schoenvorts

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Capt. von Schoenvorts.

Captain von Schoenvorts was the captain of the German submarine U-33 during World War I, who had a keen interest in biology which taught him that nature was filled with living things that preyed upon one another to survive. On June 3rd, 1916, the U-33 torpedoed a British ship carrying a secret munitions cache to Europe. Shortly thereafter the U-33 was captured by survivors of the ship, led by Bowen Tyler. Von Schoenvorts grudgingly relinquished command of the sub to Tyler.

When they got lost and found themselves in icy waters, von Schoenvorts revealed that they had found the long-lost continent of Caprona, and his knowledge of dinosaurs proved invaluable to the group during their time in Caprona's tropical interior. Although von Schoenvorts was a reasonable individual and a cooperative ally to Tyler in Caprona, he ended up being shot by his treacherous first officer, Dietz. Von Schoenvorts died from his wound and the heat when Dietz foolishly ordered the U-33 to submerge into the boiling lake during a volcanic eruption.

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  • Von Schoenvorts was played by British actor John McEnery, but his voice was dubbed by German actor Anton Diffring.
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