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Cordelia Chase (1981-2004) was an ally to both Buffy Summers The Vampire Slayer and Angel. Originally from Sunnydale, California, Cordelia attended school with Xander Harris , Willow Rosenberg, and Jesse. She met Buffy during her sophomore year at Sunnydale High School.

Cordelia came from a rich family and was the most popular girl in school and even had her own social circle, "The Cordettes". Although she was a cheerleader and enjoyed partying, Cordelia did quite well academically. A few encounters with the supernatural had her requiring Buffy's help often, even though she had contempt for Buffy and her friends. This situation eventually lead to a romantic relationship with Xander, which hurt her popularity greatly.

Cordelia broke up with Xander when she found him kissing Willow. She was angry at first, but she and Xander eventually became friends again. Cordelia attempted a romance with Buffy's new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Price, but despite their mutual attraction, it failed. During her senior year of high school, her family lost its money, and she had to work a part-time job.

Upon graduating high school in 1999, Cordelia moved to Los Angeles in hopes of starting an acting career. There, she ran into Angel, who saved her from a vampire. Cordelia continued to pursue her acting career while working for Angel at Angel Investigations.

With the help of her co-worker Doyle, Cordelia moved from her run down apartment to a new place. Her place was haunted by the ghost of a woman who trapped her son Dennis in its walls. Once the woman's ghost was expelled, Dennis' ghost remained.

Doyle secretly harbored feelings for Cordelia, which he revealed to her shortly before he died. Doyle also passed along his visions to her through a kiss. Cordelia became Angel's link to The Powers That Be. They would send her visions of innocent people in danger, and she would send Angel to help them.

Cordelia continued her acting jobs, but she never got the big break she was hoping for. Through an encounter with Lorne's cousin Landok, Cordelia wound up in the dimension of Pylea. She was at first treated as a slave like all the other humans, but once it was discovered that she had visions, she became princess.

On Pylea, Cordelia met the Groosalugg, who she was expected to mate with and pass on her visions to. Although she was in love with the Groosalugg, she didn't want to lose her visions. She left Pylea with Angel and the others.

Being 100% human, the visions began to take their toll on Cordelia and caused her physical pain. After encountering the demon Skip, Cordelia chose to become a demon to better handle the visions. Cordelia's demon power allowed her to experience the visions without pain as well as recall them with perfect clarity. She could also produce a white light that would allow her to levitate and purge darkness.

Cordelia was re-united with The Groosalugg, who left Pylea to be with her. Their relationship ended as Cordelia discovered she had feelings for Angel. Before Cordelia could tell Angel, she was visited once more by Skip, who offered her the chance to be a higher power. Cordelia agreed and spent months in a heaven-like plane.

Bored with her new life, Cordelia returned to Earth without her memory (and also possessed by a higher power). Mistrustful of Angel, Cordelia stayed with his son Connor. Cordelia began to have visions of an upcoming catastrophic event as her memory was restored. The Beast whom she saw appeared on Earth and began The Rain of Fire. Cordelia took shelter with Connor and slept with him. She became pregnant soon after.

Cordelia gave birth to Jasmine, the fallen Power that used Skip to manipulate her and had been controlling Cordelia since she returned to Earth. As a result, Cordelia fell into a coma, where she would remain for about a year.

After defeating Jasmine, Angel took over Wolfram & Hart's Los Angeles branch and placed the comatose Cordelia in a hospital. Cordelia awoke to see her friends working for the evil lawfirm they had been battling. She helped a disillusioned Angel take down their old enemy Lindsey MacDonald. After inspiring Angel to continue fighting, it was revealed that Cordelia had actually died in her coma and that the Powers That Be allowed her to visit Angel once more before moving on.

As a final goodbye to Angel, Cordelia kissed him and gave him a vision revealing the inner workings of Wolfram and Hart, which Angel used against them.

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