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The Church of Science is a religion that features in the Foundation.



The Church of Science was a religion that was tied to the large colony of scientists that settled on the world of Terminus. This world came to find itself cut off from the Galactic Empire leading to it being threatened by the newly independent neighbouring Kingdom of Anacreon. They came to cover the scientific knowledge of Terminus along with its nuclear power but its Mayor Salvor Hardin who visited three other nearby kingdoms in order to convince their leaders to aid them. He persuaded them by telling them that if Anacreon managed to conquer Terminus then it would become powerful enough to conquer them in turn. Thus, the three other kingdoms came to join together with Terminus in forcing Anacreon to back down. In the aftermath, Hardin came to offer the scientific and medical assistance to all four nations where he reasoned that this would make them less likely to join together in a united attack against Terminus. The inhabitants of these planets had degraded into a barbaric existence and came to believe that the Foundation's technicians were magicians. They came to be unable to distinguish magic from science leading to the technicians eventually allowing themselves to be worshipped as holy men. Similarly, Hardin came to accept this state of affairs and began to organise the technical assistance program of the Foundation into a religion. They came to form a priesthood with the Foundation ambassador to each kingdom becoming a High Priest whilst Hardin became the Chief Primate of the whole religion that was the Church of Science.



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  • The Church of Science was created by Isaac Asimov where it featured in the setting of Foundation.
  • Though for the purposes of this article it is referred to as the Church of Science but was never officially given a name in the novels with it being called a religion of science and its worship being Scientism.


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