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Cobra-la are a species that features in G.I. Joe.



Cobra-la was an ancient humanoid civilisation that once dominated the surface of Earth long ago. Around 40,000 years ago, the glory of their society once dominated the planet until the Ice Age destroyed much of their achievements. As their people declined, a new race began to emerge on Earth with this bringing rise to the age of the barbarians. Surprisingly to them, the primitives evolved into mankind who were set on the path to gradually master technology based on inorganic lifeless substances. The people of Cobra-la thus retreated into the isolated regions of the world in order to preserve their way of life. Thus, they lived in secret as they awaited an opportunity for them to reclaim the Earth. As a result, generations passed with the civilisation of Cobra-la remaining with their hidden enclave. This was until one day when a brilliant young nobleman who conduced experiments on mutagenic spores when a laboratory accident left the individual disfigured. Despite this event, Golobulus who ruled Cobra-la decided to select this individual to go out into the human world to raise a mighty army and to destroy human civilisation that had driven them into exile. The nobleman took the name of Cobra Commander and was responsible for creating the Cobra Organization.


In appearance, the people of Cobra-la were humanoids that greatly resembled humans though had certain reptilian features such as their eyes.

They claimed that they were a civilised people who did not execute their citizens. Ancient traditions meant that great wrongs to their people needed to be avenge. Instead, they had trials conducted to determine the guilt of the accused and to determine the appropriate punishment.

The people of Cobra-la believed that mankind's technology was a travesty to their own noble ways and a threat to their very existence.


In terms of science, the Cobra-la civilisation had developed technology that was based on living organic creatures.

Numerous organisms were able to create visual feeds and replay events. These included small clams that could generate a hologram. Another was the Web of Remembrance that could produce visual information akin to large screens.

Their science had created mutagenic spores that were said to be the culmination of centuries of work to create a weapon that forced hypergenetic manipulation on other life forms. Exposure degenerated all organisms that were exposed to them that mutated them into mindless incompetent life forms. Cobra-la was able to launch hundreds of giant pods into orbit through large fungisoids that fired them akin to rockets.


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  • Cobra-la was an original creation that featured in G.I. Joe: The Movie.


  • G.I. Joe: The Movie:

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