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The Colonial Navy is a military organization that features in Colony Wars.



First Colony War

Vengeance War

At the end of the First Colony War, the Colonial Navy was hardpressed in defending the Sol system's assets from League attacks. This led to a delayed reaction in fighting off the Leagues forces that had begun orbital bombardment of the Mars colony that led to the massacre of millions of civilians before the Navy managed to drive them away. Later on, in the aftermath of the closing of the Sol systems warp hole, the Colonial Navy was one of many factions that fought in a brutal civil war within the imprisoned area. This led to reduced resources and complete loss of command structure in the civil war that threatened to break humanity on Earth. It was believed that they would have given up long ago had it not been for a charismatic leader risen from the ranks known as Kron who sought to unite humanity and seek revenge against the League. Reorganizing the Colonial Navy, he sought to turn them into a military power once more and made plans to break through the warp hole and begin a Second Colony War.

One of the many soldiers that eagerly went under Kron's command was a young pilot called Mertens who along with many other Earthers sought to punish the League for what they had done. Initial missions involved the protection of supply convoys to Earth from rogue Tribe members as well as the harvesting of crystals for use as power cells. This ultimately culminated in the powering of a new Battle Platform in the system that was designed to breach the warp hole and allow the Colonial Navy into deep space. They ultimately succeeded in this goal despite hinderances from rogue Tribe attacks who used their own fighters and starships to attack Colonial Navy assets. Despite being small in number, they were still a threat to Navy positions until they were defeated and destroyed. With this done, the power cells were loaded onto the Battle Platform that completed the offensives first phase and allowed for the creation of a wormhole to breach the warp hole.

Commander Kron had assembled the fleet forces and planned for a strike against the Gallonigher system - the heart of League space in an effort to strike at the head of their government. After breaching the warp hole, intelligence determined that the League's High Command were unaware of the Colonial Navy's fleet movement. As they were heavily outnumbered, the Navy sought to keep the element of surprise as an advantage for their forces. Thus, they first targeted a League communication's rig that was being assembled by a robotic sentinel craft in order to keep the secrecy of their escape from Sol. Once destroyed, Navy units began to make the initial push into the Gallonigher system and faced little resistance as the League were unable to inform their High Command of the attack. With this advantage, Kron ordered his forces to cause maximum disruption in order to inflict the highest damage on the enemy before they became fully mobilised. This included an attack on an enemy planet by first destroying a deployment installation and infecting cloaked spy satellites with a computer virus in order to prevent them notifying the League of the Navy's assault.

However, it was discovered that there were no League High Command facilities at Gallonigher. After defeating a League squadron of fighters attempting to drop mines and destroy a Navy Battleship; it was discovered that the headquarters of the League was elsewhere which meant that their attempt at destroying the enemies command structure had failed and thus the war was going to be a prolonged conflict. For their failure in determining this, Kron had the intelligence officers executed. The fleet than moved to the Cronus system where they secured an asteriod field that was mined for resources by the League. After building up their energy reserves as well as an encounter with a League elite pilot known as the Widowmaker, Kron began to express concern over the effectiveness of the Colonial Navy's intelligence forces. Commander Kron than ordered attacks against civilian targets and culminated in an attack on a League mining facility in order to deny the enemy access to the Cronus systems resources. During the engagement, Colonial forces discovered that the League had developed a new form of shield technology protecting their mining installation from conventional attacks though Drake from intelligence discovered that physical strikes were more effective.

The Colonial Navy than made a push for the legendary first colony - Alpha Centauri. At the same time, a new internal oversight body was created by Kron known as the Watch which all officers were required to report to as part of the chain of command. Previous briefing officers were all discharged and pilots were all required to report directly to the Watch. As part of the push to Alpha Centauri, the fleet began mining operations once more and attempted to protect its civilian mining forces during the activity. The Colonial Navy managed to secure a position in the region allowing for resources to be given to the fleet despite unusual opposition in the form of a space dwelling lifeform that attacked the mining settlement. It was eventually discovered that there was an informant within the fleet passing secrets to the League. In order to catch these traitors and spies, the Colonial Navy sent pilot Mertens during an attack against a League battleship. Once the ship had been damaged, it was allowed to escape with Mertens attaching his fighter to its hull in an effort to find an enemy base and download from its database a list of informants. Once completed, the spy was eliminated at the League base and a purge was performed by the Watch of its ranks to remove it of any further traitors.

During this chain of events, it was discovered that the head of the Watch, Becks, was in fact a traitor who was ultimately killed by her close friend Mertens. As a result of this incident, the Watch was ultimately disbanded whilst Kron made preparations to assault the Leagues central command operations in the Boreas system. The spearhead assault into the system was threatened by a large anti-capship robotic sentinel weapon placed on an asteroid by the League. However, once destroyed, the Colonial Navy pushed towards the Boreas colony but as each victory occured; Kron's ruthless actions began to further alienate the fleet. However, during the push to strike a League warship, a Colonial Naval battleship witnessed the enemy's destructions at a the hands of an alien ship which turned its weapons against the Navy ship. This was the first contact with an alien species who were believed to be anxious to drive out any interlopers from their space.

This was not the only sighting of this new threat as it emerged and attack both Navy as well as League forces equally in an effort to drive them out of the Boreas star system. Such an action was a notable threat to the Navy who sent a number of battleships to confront the aliens spearhead units. It was later decided that as there was little intelligence on this threat, an attempt at capturing alien hardware was necessary which saw the deployment of pilot Mertens to infiltrate enemy territory through the use of an autocloaker. Once at an alien refueling site, he was to use his leech beam to take remote control of an alien fighter for study. Despite an analysis of the alien fighter, it was determined that the enemy was too powerful to combat alone and the Colonial Navy decided to form an alliance with the League to combat this threat - much to the disagreement of Commander Kron. Deciding to operate alone, the Navy contacted League High Command to form an alliance to fight off the powerful aliens.

It was eventually discovered that the entirety of the Second Colony War was simply an act of revenge by Kron who was formerly a pilot within the League forces at the end of the first conflict. However, he proved to be too unstable and they abandoned him when the League sealed the warphole in the Sol system; leaving Kron to die. Thus, he led a campaign of vengeance against the League and the Father, using the Colonial Navy as a tool to accomplish this goal. Whilst escaping, he was tracked down by pilot Mertens who killed him and with his death; the Colonial Navy ended hostilities with the League which brought about a lasting peace between the two factions.

Red Sun

Despite the death of Kron, the conflict of the Colonial Navy and the League continued for years to come with an imminent battle expected that would decide who would be the victor in the war.


The ultimate head of the Colonial Navy was Navy Command which led the fleet. One of the key divisions within the Colonial Navy was Navy Operations also known as Ops which dealt with mission placement for its pilots. Another organization present was the Intelligence Corps who were responsible for gaining information on enemy assets as well as analysing enemy technology for weaknesses. (Colony Wars: Vengeance) There was also Naval Security who gave various contracts to mercenaries to carry out such as protection missions. (Colony Wars: Red Sun)

During the Second Colony War, Kron led the creation of a secret military police force within the Colonial Navy known as the Watch. All officers within the fleet were required to report to this new organization. Furthermore, previous briefing officers who pilots reported to after combat were not discharged and all fleet personnel were required to report directly to the Watch. Officers were also required to enroll within the Watch with refusal not being an option for candidates. Those that did suffered from "accidents" such as being thrown out an airlock. Members of the Watch were required to report any acts of disloyalty amongst their comrades and friends. The Watchs members were fanatical in the belief that the Navy was the only reason for their existence and the only means through which they could get justice on the League with traitors being the only ones that would oppose it internally. Entire ships belonging to traitors were targeted to be destroyed at any cost. Any failure of missions or signs of incompetance led to officers being suspended and expected to answer for their crimes - any sight of treachery led to the subjects death. Once it was discovered that Becks was a traitor, the Watch was disbanded and it was concluded that it had been responsible for numerous unjustifiable acts and thus would no longer play a part in the war against the League. (Colony Wars: Vengeance)

The fleet also became more brutal and unforgiving of failure as was seen when Kron had the intelligence staff executed for their inability to gain any information on League forces during the early stages of the Vengeance War. Though some such as Mertens were shocked by this even though they were formerly criminals, others accepted such actions and believed those that disagreed showed weakness. (Colony Wars: Vengeance)

There were a number of fighters used by the Colonial Navy which included:

  • Hex
  • Wraith
  • Diablo : a heavy attack fighter.
  • Voodoo : a new fighter developed in the middle of the Vengeance War through the study of alien technology.
  • Spook : a ground assault ship restricted to planetary theaters, these were used during engagements on the surface of a world.


The Navy was a technologically advanced civilization that was based on the technical knowledge developed by the Earth Empire. They had interstellar travel technology allowing them to build large starships that could travel through the stars and reach distant planets as well as systems through a series of jumpgates along with warp holes. This form of FTL drive was not restricted solely to the larger capital ships as their smaller fighters were capable of making use of it.

They made extensive use of shield technology with everything from capital ships to stations to small fighters being equipped with such devices which protected them from direct harm.


  • Kron :



  • Colony Wars: Vengeance:

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