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The Colorless King is an anime character that features in K.



Colorless King (無色の王, Mushiki no Ō) was a being that came to exist in the modern age. He became the new Seventh King after the death of the former holder who was Ichigen Miwa. Upon gaining his power, he learnt he could possess other people and take over their bodies which he began to exploit with him taking various hosts. However, he came to realise the repercussions of using this power when he began to forget his own identity as those of his host bodies mixed with his own mind. Around this time, Nagare Hisui approached the figure who was now known as the Colorless King who became horrified at the price of his power. The Green King offered a suggestion to the Colorless King namely to be the strongest of the Kings and the only one left. Thus, this led to the Colorless King believing that he would be free of his suffering if he simply eliminated the other Kings and took their power. By this point, he also took on the suggestion of using a fox mask as his new face as he embarked on his plan to attain this power. He went through a multitude of hosts before finally possessing Tōru Hieda where he murdered Tatara Totsuka with the death being filmed. Afterwards, the Colorless King decided to confront the Silver King leading to a meeting with Adolf K. Weismann on board his floating airship the Himmelreich. During this encounter, he used his ability in order to swiftly take over the Silver King's body but Adolf's unique power prevented his ability of the King from being taken by the Colorless King and caused his soul to be swapped into Hieda's body in turn. The Colorless King then decided in his new host body to dispose of Weismann who was thrown from the airship.


Personality and attributes

He was shown as being a highly arrogant and egotistical person where he boasted of his power to those he deemed weaker than himself. The Colorless King was shown to be an ambitious person who thought of himself as the most powerful of the Kings and that he should be the only one which was why he sought the elimination of the others. He came to believe that he should consume the powers of the other Kings which he would take for himself.

It was said that the Colorless King had lost his sense of identity after possessing so many hosts. Thus, he was shown to have random conversations with himself switching between the various personas.

Powers and abilities

He gained the ability to possess the bodies of other people leaving the former ones behind. Through an emotional connection and eye contact, his spirit could leave his body across great distances and enter the body of another person. He could accomplish this through eye contact or even accomplish it over distances such as through a telephone. The process saw him absorbing elements of the personality of the new host which he retained after leaving that body. A result of this power meant that changing bodies constantly caused him to forget his own sense of identity. Through body possession, he believed he could claim the power of another King and consume it for himself. However, he was shown to struggle against Kings that used their power to resist his efforts. This was shown when he tried to take over the Red King who used his ability to force the Colorless King to flee. In another instance, he tried to claim the Silver King's power but Weismann's ability and soul could not be taken by this power.


  • The Colorless King was created by GoRA where he featured in the setting of K.


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