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Colu is a planet that features in DC Comics.




Years in the past, the green skinned humanoids formed a world of scientists that typically Sixth-Level effectors. As they advanced, they created powerful mobile master computers that were more intelligent with them being Tenth-Level effectors. As more were built, these computers eventually deemed themselves better than their creators and more fit to govern. They then sought to impose their rule and by this point had outfitted themselves with weapons where they eliminated anyone that opposed them. Thus, the Computer Tyrants formed when they enslaved the native humanoids and forced them into servitude as workers where a few organic beings that collaborated were provided privileges. In time, the mechanical minds sought to extend their rule to other worlds and sought to create a robotic spy to serve as a scout. Thus, they built a humanoid robot named Brainiac that was similar in appearance to their creators making others believe he was an organic being. Brainiac was built to be a Twelfth-Level effector who had the mental patterns of a dead scientist with him being more intelligent than his mechanical creators but he was wired to prevent rebellion and the nature of him being a machine was hidden from others. (Superman v1 #167) Brainiac claimed that his homeworld was the planet Bryak whose inhabitants had been nearly wiped out by a plague. (Superboy v1 #216)

At some point, a Great Revolution erupted on the planet which was responsible for destroying the Computer Tyrants with a monument made to their end. As a result, Brainiac was the last of the computer minds in existence though he had hidden his true nature as an artificial being. (Superman v1 #167)


Whilst in the body of Doomsday, Brainiac intended to transform Earth into a New Colu that was devoid of human life. (Superman: Doomsday Wars v1 #2)

In this era, the people of Colu had become an isolationist people with this only heightening in the wake of Earth's rise of a xenophobic government that opposed all alien contact. This saw the United Planets decide to attack Earth as they perceived it to be a threat as the government intended to launch a crusade against other worlds. Thus, Colu was chosen to formulate a strategy for the offensive against Earth with Brainiac 5 manoeuvring himself as a dictator in control of the planetary network in an effort to halt the invasion. However, his nature as a double agent for the Legion of Super-Heroes was leaked to the Coluans who turned against him forcing him to flee with the Legionnaires as they raced to stop the universe from going to war. (Action Comics v1 #861)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events. On Yod-Colu, the brilliant scientist Vril Dox through his C.O.M.P.U.T.O. program had discovered the existence of the Fifth Dimension that was populated by entities with god-like powers. He initially sought to see if they could learn from them but discovered that a war had erupted in Dimension Five that brought a devastating force known as the Multitude into their dimension. This force had had consumed a hundred worlds and had headed towards Yod-Colu. Dox offered to save his fellow Coluans if they submitted to his upgrades but they refused and exiled him due to his criminal experiments on his own child. Vril Dox freed himself and used his ship to shrink a Coluan city that had his wife and child whereupon he escaped into space just as the Multitude destroyed Yod-Colu. (Superman v3 #23.2)

After a failure in government, seven corporations emerged that ruled and provided all amenities with their CEOs being called the Seven Sisters. The computer system known as Computo was created and served the corporations until it achieved sentience where it took over the planet. (Telos v1 #3)

During the Dark Multiverse crisis, the Source Wall was shattered causing the Omega Titans to be released with the cosmic beings looking to consume the entire universe that they had seeded long ago with universal energies. One of the four titanic beings targeted the planet Colu due to it embodying the cosmic forces of wisdom leading to Brainiac organising resistance in the form of various Justice League teams. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #1) Despite their efforts, they were unable to stop the Omega Titan which consumed Colu though the Justice League were able to get the Coluans to evacuate from their homeworld. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #3)


The techno-planet was said to had become a world so sophisticated that every centimetre of it was covered in machines and computers. It was said that by the modern age that there had not been even a single blade of grass on Colu for centuries. (Superman: Doomsday Wars v1 #2)

Places on Colu included:

  • Metaire :
  • Ultra Penitence : a high security prison facility designed to hold criminals. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #2)
  • Nursery : an area that contained thousands of bottles which held entire shrunken planets filled with undiscovered worlds stolen by Brainiac. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #2)

The planet contained a data core that contained the planetary central intelligence of Colu that was guarded by the robotic Coluan Hyper Guard. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #2)

It was said that no world hated Brainiac more than Colu which had managed to escape his control. (Justice League: No Justice v1 #3)


  • Brainiac 5 :
  • Vril Dox :
  • Bron Wox : a male inhabitant of Yod-Colu who came to Earth to investigate the cause of universal instability and encountered the Justice League sometime after their battle with Darkseid. (Justice League v2 #51)


  • Colu was created by Cary Bates, Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan where it made its first appearance in Superman v1 #167 (February, 1964).
  • Originally, Brainiac's world was unnamed during his first appearance in Action Comics v1 #242 (1958).
  • It was then referred to as Bryak in Superboy v1 #206 (1963).
  • Brainiac 5's homeworld was then referred to as Yod in Adventure Comics v1 #356 (1967).
  • After the Flashpoint, it was referred to as Yod-Colu in Action Comics v2 #7 (2012) with Bryak mentioned as a separate world where the Collector of Worlds was called Mind2.
  • The Atlas of the DC Universe v1 (1980) had an entry on Colu that provided some background on the planet. According to the guide, it was situated on the rim of the Milky Way Galaxy near the approach of the Great Magellanic Cloud where it was the fourth planet from its sun. Its surface was 50% land and 50% water with a temperate climate with the exception of polar ice caps and a few desert areas.

In other media


  • In Supergirl, Colu was mentioned in the live-action television series in the episode "Solitude" with it stated to be the homeworld of a race of supercomputers known as the Coluans.


  • In Superman: Unbound, Colu was mentioned in the animated film when Zor-El determined Brainiacs origin as a native of that world.

Video game

  • In Injustice 2, Colu was mentioned by Brainiac as being his home world during the campaign setting of the video game.


  • Superman v1:
  • Action Comics v1:

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