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Harry Cooper was a middle-aged, working-class family man, the husband of Helen Cooper and the father of Karen Cooper. The family's car was attacked by zombies, who overturned the vehicle and bit Karen on the arm, but Harry and his wife and daughter escaped. They sought refuge in a farmhouse along with Tom and his girlfriend Judy, and were soon joined by Ben and Barbra. Harry and Ben clashed on whether it was safer in the cellar or upstairs, and Harry was eventually proven a coward when he almost left Ben outside the house to be eaten by the zombies. Ultimately, Harry was shot by Ben as the two men struggled for possession of a rifle, and Harry fell down into the cellar where he was eaten by Karen when she became a zombie. He returned to life as a zombie himself briefly before Ben shot and killed him.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Mostly the same as in the original film, except his daughter's name is Sarah instead of Karen, and he is much more volatile, bad-tempered and cowardly. He is even abusive towards his wife Helen. During the final siege of the farmhouse by the zombies, Harry took the rifle away from Barbara before almost being eaten by the ghouls. When Ben shot and killed the zombified Sarah (after Harry himself proved unable to hurt his own daughter), an enraged Harry shot Ben several times before fleeing upstairs and hiding in the attic as the zombies finally broke into the house. When Barbara returned the following morning with several zombie-hunters (including Hondo and Bulldog), Harry came downstairs. Barabar immediately shot him in the head, killing him, telling the hunters he was a zombie. Harry's corpse was thrown onto the fire outside with Ben's and all the other zombies.

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