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Corran Horn is a male character who features in Star Wars.



Corran Horn

For most of his life, Corran grew up believing that he was the grandson of Rostek Horn, and the son of Valin "Hal" Horn. Corran followed their footsteps by joining the Corellian Security Force (CorSec) and dedicating himself to law enforcement. Corran had always had hunches and instincts; these turned out to be early manifestations of Corran's latent Force abilities. He and his father worked together for most of Corran's career, including a major case on Corellia assisting Grand Admiral Thrawn and some Rebel smugglers which occurred not long before the ambush at Derra IV. They worked together until the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk murdered Hal Horn. Knowing that Kirtan Loor — the Imperial Liaison officer — was planning to have them arrested on trumped up charges Corran, his mentor Gil Bastra, his partner Iella Wessiri, and Iella's husband Diric Wessiri, made plans to escape. As it turned out, rather than just being arrested, Loor was planning on having Corran murdered. Corran left with a CorSec X-wing and his astromech droid Whistler. He then wandered around the Outer Rim, ending up on the planet Garqi about two years after the destruction of the second Death Star. Diric and Iella Wessiri escaped to Coruscant. Corran Horn spent the next two years on the run before joining the New Republic. Gil Bastra made sure that it was easy for Loor to track him down, allowing his comrades to escape. Bastra was eventually killed by Loor during a botched interrogation. About two years after leaving Corellia, Corran Horn joined Rogue Squadron. He did well enough during training that he was promoted to Lieutenant and given command of the squadron's Three Flight. Corran's callsign was Rogue Nine. He excelled in a number of early missions. He was instrumental in the taking of the planet Borleias, which opened the way for the invasion of Coruscant. Corran encountered Mirax Terrik, the daughter of smuggler Booster Terrik. Because Hal Horn had once arrested Booster and sent him to Kessel for five years, early animosity existed between the Horns and the Terriks. However, over time, Corran and Mirax became close friends.

Corran participated in a scouting mission to determine the best way for the New Republic to take Coruscant. He traveled with fellow squad mate Erisi Dlarit, and made a number of observations on the planet's security setup. During the time on Coruscant, Corran was reunited with Iella Wessiri. Diric had disappeared about one year ago, so Iella joined the Rebellion. Corran became convinced during this time that Tycho Celchu—the executive officer for the squadron—was an Imperial sleeper agent because of Celchu's time at the Imperial prison known as Lusankya. Corran was convinced when he saw Celchu and Kirtan Loor meeting together at a bar called The Headquarters. He told Celchu that he was going to conduct a thorough investigation after the completion of the Coruscant mission—Celchu was not worried about this investigation. Corran then participated in activities to bring down Coruscant's shields, which allowed for the successful invasion of the planet with a minimum number of casualties. Right after bringing the shields down, a remote control link was made to the Z-95 Headhunter Corran was flying. This caused the Headhunter to simulate crashing to the observations of others. In reality however, the ship shut down the inertial dampers and turned tightly, causing Corran to black out. When he came to, he found himself as the prisoner of Ysanne Isard—the director of Imperial Intelligence. He found that he was on the way to Lusankya. The prison specialized in using psychoactive drugs and psychological conditioning to turn people into sleeper agents that would activate and perform acts of terrorism against the Empire's enemies.

Corran resisted Isard's attempts to use both psychological conditioning and drugs to turn him into an Imperial agent. Corran was placed into a holding unit where Isard intended him to remain for the rest of his life. Corran befriended a number of other prisoners, including Jan Dodonna, the General who planned the first Death Star attack (in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). Corran eventually escaped from the prison. As part of this effort, he made his way to a library room to which no prisoner would have access and found a datapad. It was there that he learned that not only did he successfully resist Isard, but that Tycho Celchu had also resisted her. Corran learned that he had been in captivity for six weeks. From there, Corran took a shuttle to a back room of the Galactic Museum. Once he arrived at the museum he learned he had never left Coruscant; the Lusankya was in actuality buried under the planet's surface. He found a lightsaber that belonged to Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. Corran also found a holographic image of Nejaa, and a young boy who looked a lot like Hal Horn. Corran used the lightsaber to defend himself when Imperial agents sent by Fliry Vorru tried to kill him. Corran took the skywalk over to the Justice Court where Tycho Celchu was being tried for Corran's murder and treason. He was bringing Admiral Ackbar and the rest of the court up to date on his experiences, when disaster struck. A Super Star Destroyer had blasted out of its hidden location underneath the city: the Lusankya. In the process millions were killed. Corran learned that he and the other prisoners had been on board that ship all that time. The ship left Coruscant, and headed to the bacta producing planet Thyferra. Rogue Squadron leader Wedge Antilles informed Ackbar that Erisi Dlarit was an Imperial mole when she flew to the Lusankya. Corran confirms this, and when they worked back through the events of the past several months her guilt became obvious. General Cracken of Alliance Intelligence confirmed that he knew of Celchu's innocence all along. He had allowed the trial to go ahead to make it easier to tag Dlarit as the spy. All charges against Tycho were dismissed, and Alliance Intelligence made it publicly clear that this was a counter-intelligence operation that Tycho was a willing participant of, and Celchu's public image was fully restored. After this, Corran and Celchu both rejoined Rogue Squadron. They participated in a number of actions against Imperial terrorists working on Coruscant.

Corran met Luke Skywalker for the first time. After examining the museum, Luke learned that Corran was actually the grandson of Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. Luke told Corran that Nejaa died after the Clone Wars, and that Rostek Horn married his grandmother and adopted Hal to protect them from the Empire's Jedi hunters. Luke invited Corran to become a Jedi Knight, though Corran felt his duty was with Rogue Squadron in apprehending Ysanne Isard—and rescuing the prisoners still aboard the Lusankya. When Borsk Fey'lya made it clear that this would not be allowed, Corran and his fellow pilots left the New Republic to wage a personal war with Isard, becoming a truly "rogue" squadron. The squadron moved to a base in orbit around Yag'Dhul. Over the next several months, in what came to be known as the Bacta War, they fought a war against Ysanne Isard and the Xucphra corporation. Eventually they were able to eliminate the Imperial military defenses over Thyferra. Corran shot down Erisi Dlarit in a dogfight over Thyferra's moon, exacting vengeance for her treacheries. The Lusankya was captured in the process, and Isard was thought to have died. Iella Wessiri—whose husband Diric died when Isard activated his programming—and Elscol Loro helped stage an uprising that helped free the planet. The prisoners on the Lusankya were not found; they had been shipped out several months ago. Corran and the rest of the squadron rejoined the New Republic, and Corran and Mirax Terrik married. Corran and Mirax continued to battle the Imperial Remnant. Corran fought against Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet at several engagements. He then was finally able to fulfill his promise, and free the remaining prisoners of Lusankya. Ysanne Isard had used a clone to stage her own death over Thyferra, though Iella Wessiri killed Isard for good. Corran and Mirax had a home on Coruscant. When the resurrected Emperor Palpatine returned in Dark Empire, Coruscant became a battlefield. Debris from the conflicts above devastated vast swaths of the city, including the Horn family home. Luckily, none of the family were in residence at the time

When Mirax Terrik was captured by Leonia Tavira's Invids, Corran enrolled in Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy, and began studying the ways of the Force, having no lead to Mirax but the last Force-powered contact he had with her. Corran played a message left by his father, which told him more about his Jedi heritage. Corran had an exceptionally powerful ability known as alter mind, which could implant images, memories, smells, or thoughts into a person's mind; he even proved able at one point to trick Luke Skywalker into momentarily seeing an image that was false. Corran also possessed the power of Force absorption, which could convert energy directed at him (such as blaster fire) or in his immediate vicinity (such as ambient heat from a fire or explosion) into Force energy that he could manipulate. At one point of time, he was able to convert the energy fast enough that he could hold a lightsaber blade with only slight charring on his skin. With this ability, he was able to temporarily and dramatically increase his limited telekinetic power. Descendants of the Corellian/Halcyon jedi heritage were well known for these amazing abilities and weaknesses. Corran and Luke initially had differences over the training methods Luke used. Corran was convinced that Kyp Durron's fall to the dark side could have been prevented had Luke enacted more control over his students; as a result, Corran left the academy. To continue his search for Mirax, at this point Corran abandoned his Jedi heritage and used CorSec investigative procedure. However this method, while bringing him closer to Mirax did not work as well as Corran hoped, and he realized that he had to combine both sides of himself: his Jedi heritage and his CorSec skills to succeed. He enacted a campaign of terrorism on the pirate base, spending most of his time seeming to be drunk, while going out as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi "ghost" at night to intimidate some of the pirate groups into leaving, and with help from Luke and a couple of friends, he was able to invade Tavira's fortress and overcome a sect of Force-users who focused on defense and premonition.

Corran and Mirax had a son, Valin Horn. They also had a daughter, Jysella. Corran continued his activities with the Jedi, and eventually became a member of the restored Jedi Order. Corran fought with Yuuzhan Vong Commander Shedao Shai with the fate of the planet Ithor in the balance. Corran won, but Shedao Shai's aide destroyed the planet anyway. With public sentiment against him, Corran returned to Corellia and went into seclusion. Eventually, Corran Horn came out of hiding, and began to assume a more active role in fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. He helped Nen Yim escape the Vong-formed Coruscant, and accompanied her, Tahiri Veila, Harrar and Yu'Shaa to Zonama Sekot, a living world. There, Nen Yim learned of the connection between Sekot and the Yuuzhan Vong, though Yu'Shaa—Nom Anor in disguise—killed her before she could impart her secrets. Corran attempted to stop Nom Anor, though the former Executor fled the planet. In the following battle for supremacy of Coruscant, Corran flew a Sekotan Jedi starfighter into battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, though all ships were grounded on Zonama Sekot as the living world attempted to bring about peace between the Galactic Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong. According to The Joiner King and The Unseen Queen, Corran was promoted to a Jedi Master as a result of his actions during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and became a member of the newly-formed Master's Council on the Jedi Academy world of Ossus. In the disputes between those who believe that the Jedi should follow their own conscience and those who believe they should support the government, Corran was a leader of the second faction. When Luke held a Jedi convocation and told the Jedi that anyone who was not willing to fully devote himself to the Order should resign, Corran attempted to do so. Luke refused to take his resignation, saying that Corran was still trying to assume guilt for the actions of others; he also said that if Corran attempted to resign again, he would not be stopped. The latter book also notes that he trained an apprentice named Raltharan, who is seen in the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Throughout the Legacy of the Force series, Corran hid out in the Jedi building on Corellia, protecting the world's Jedi trainees.


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  • Corran Horn was created by Michael A. Stackpole where he featured in the Star Wars Legends continuity.


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