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The Creepshow Creep (or simply the Creep) is the host of the Creepshow comics. He also appears to own, or at least work for, the Comet News Company, delivering the comics to shops and newsstands across the country with the help of an unseen (and possibly nonexistent) driver. Possessing a variety of different physical forms and supernatural powers, the Creep lives in a mansion somewhere outside of the town of Elmville and maintains a friendship with the comic's number-one fan, Billy.


  • The Creep appears in both Creepshow and Creepshow 2, albeit different in appearance. In Creepshow (and its real-world comic book adaptation) he appears as a cloaked, skeletal figure. In Creepshow 2 he is an otherwise normal-looking, but deformed, elderly man in a suit and cape. As mentioned above, this can be explained as part of the Creep's obviously supernatural powers.
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