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The Cult of Skaro are an organisation that features in Doctor Who.



The Cult of Skaro were a secret order of Daleks created to serve the empire by finding ways of exterminating their enemies. It was known that they participated in the Last Great Time War where they managed to acquire the Genesis Ark built by the Time Lords to hold many of their kind prisoners. After seeing their potential defeat, the Cult departed the war and escaped into a Void Ship in order to hide within the Void and survive the destruction of the Dalek race. They had intended to return to normal space and find a means of freeing the prisoners within the Ark who were to be used to help conquer the universe. (Episode: Doomsday)


In appearance, the Cult was a secret order said to be above and beyond the Emperor himself. Their mission was to imagine and think as the enemy even to the point of daring to have names all in the pursuit of finding new ways of killing enemies. Such was their reputation that they were considered only a legend to other races. (Episode: Doomsday)

They had the technology to create and utilise Void Ships that were spherical containers that were able to travel into the Void'. (Episode: Doomsday)


  • Dalek Caan :
  • Dalek Thay' :
  • Dalek Jast :
  • Dalek Sec :


  • The Cult of Skaro featured in the setting of Doctor Who.

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  • Doctor Who: "Army of Ghosts"

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