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The Cursed Children are a group that features in Black Bullet.



The Cursed Children were a number of 10 year old children that were born after their mothers were infected by the Gastrea Virus when they were pregnant. Any offspring born from this time were girls and their bodies had managed to repress the Gastrea infection within. This afforded them abilities above that of a normal human but also led to the children being feared, hated and shunned. In time, Civil Security agencies began to form with the express purpose of eliminating Gastrea that entered into the safe zone cities. Due to the abilities of the Cursed Children, one of these girls would be paired with an operative. This led to the arrangement of human Promoters teamed up with Cursed Children Initiators with these pairings used to eliminate Gastrea.


In appearance, all members of the Cursed Children were young girls that were ten years old. One of the most common features of the Cursed Children was that they manifested red colored eyes when using their powers. They had superhuman abilities with unique animal genes that made them faster, stronger and improved recuperative traits that allowed them to recover quickly.

If badly wounded, the Gastra Virus within their bodies started to slowly transform their bodies into a Gastrea.


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