Cybertron (Swat Kats)

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Cybertron was a prototype guardian robot invented by Professor Hackle, Cybertron was intended as a gift to the Swat Kats for all the times they'd helped stop the Metallikats. Despite the fact the fact that the Swat Kats turned Hackle's offer down, Cybertron, being programmed to defend the vigilantes, followed them everywhere. He aided them in their battle against the Pastmaster and his giant mummies, rescuing Dr. Abby Sinian and Henson.

Later, he was left to guard Sinian, Henson and Callie Briggs, but was unable to stop two of the mummies from abducting the Deputy Mayor (per the Pastmaster's orders), and lost an arm in the process. Regardless of his injuries, Cybertron managed to keep going long enough to alert the Swat Kats to an ambush by the mummies, before he was thrown into the side of a building and damaged so badly that he shut down. Although Professor Hackle was capable of fixing Cybertron, he lamented that the repairs would take years.


It is possible that Cybertron's name was an homage to the Transformers version by writer Glenn Leopold.

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