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Da'at Yichud is a secret society that features in Wolfenstein.



The Da'at Yichud were an ancient Jewish mystical secret society created at an unknown point but had developed technology along with inventions that were centuries ahead of contemporary times. There were hundreds of safe-keeps created by the group that were designed to contain their knowledge and inventions. These were scattered in order to keep them from falling into wrong hands with each vault being guarded by a gatekeeper.

During World War II, Nazi forces under Deathshead discovered one of the secret safe-keeps of the Da'at Yichud. Upon finding it, they killed its gatekeeper whereupon they looted the site of its secrets that were stolen. They then reverse engineered the items within to create an arsenal of powerful war machines that were deemed perversions of the society's religious work with these being used to win World War II. Following the war, the Nazi's continued to research the technology of the Da'at Yichud with laboratories such as the London Nautica or LaserKraftWerk being made to study as well as reverse-engineer new weapons.



  • Da'at Yichud roughly translated to mean "knowledge of the unification" in Hebrew.


  • Wolfenstein: The New Order:

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