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Kang commands Damocles Base in Avengers v3 #49.

Damocles Base is a starship that features in Marvel Comics.



Damocles Base was a time traveling vessel that was used by Kang the Conqueror. Onboard Damocles Base, Kang and Scarlet Centurion began observing Captain America where they studied his combat technique whilst thinking of their strategy. (Avengers v3 #38)

Whilst lecturing the delegates, the military discovered the location of Damocles Base and fired missiles towards it. These warhead would not damage the craft whereupon Kang showed that he had revealed the location of his vessel to them on purpose. After the incident, Damocles began to block all radio transmissions in the area. After making his point, he removed the curtail on transmissions and teleported with Centurion back to his vessel. (Avengers v3 #42) At Damocles, Kang and Centurion would observe the Avengers as they battled the Atlanteans, Deviants and the Presence. He would tell the Scarlet Centurion on how a true commander considered all the factors on the battlefield. (Avengers v3 #43)



  • Damocles Base was create by Kurt Busiek and Alan Davis where it made its first appearance in Avengers v3 #38 (March 2001).

In other media

Damocles Base.


  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Damocles Base is shown to be the flagship of Kang the Conqueror who uses it to escape with the remnants of his empire to the 21st century after a timestorm wipes out his timeline. Upon arriving in orbit around Earth, he initiates an invasion of the planet when he fails to kill Captain America. His intention was to claim dominion over the planet and prepare it for the coming Kree-Skrull invasion but was ultimately defeated by the Avengers. The vessel was later taken over by S.W.O.R.D. who use it as their headquarters where it was brought back online to repel the first Kree warship but was destroyed afterwards by the Skrulls who sabotaged it during their infiltration.


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