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Dan Garrett is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Whilst at the Museum, he was approached by the Directors who asked him to lead the expedition to investigate the presence of pre-dynastic treasures in Egypt. There was some concern over the expedition as the region was unstable due to General Amentohep had been using nuclear devices. He was later met by a fellow archaeologist named Dr. Luri Hoshid with Dr. Garrett asking her to accompany him as his Egyptian contemporary to investigate the site. Unknown to Garrett, the site was the tomb of the evil pharaoh Kha-ef-re who ruled in the era of the Old Kingdom who had been dead since approximately 2550 B.C. The dig uncovered the tomb of Kha-ef-re with Garrett and Hoshid during a flight narrowly avoiding being shot down in disputed territory. Whilst dining at a restaurant in Cairo, they pair saw General Amentohep who nearly had them arrested but Dan and Luri escaped. They returned to the tomb and went inside to investigate where Dr. Hoshid expressed fear as they ultimately found the sarcophagus of the evil pharaoh. Dr. Garrett discovered a blue beetle scarab decorated on the sarcophagus and removed it with it speaking to him with knowledge of the good pharaohs of the past. They designated Dan as the Blue Beetle and gifted him supernatural powers to fight evils of the modern day whilst warning him of the danger of Kha-ef-re. At that moment, a hydrogen bomb was being dropped on the area and Garrett took himself along with Luri to safety in a lead-lined tomb when he transformed into the Blue Beetle after speaking out a magical word. The radiation from the bomb awakened the evil pharaoh Kha-ef-re who emerged as a giant mummy that sought out his modern day descendant who was General Amentohep. The Blue Beetle attempted to stop the pair from conquering the world but was defeated by the undead mummy. Garrett was deprived of the Blue Beetle Scarab and set to be sacrificed to the evil pharaoh when Luri Hoshid arrived to pass his talisman to him. Upon uttering the magic word, Garrett was restored where he defeated Kha-ef-re and Amenhotep. He then returned the lifeless mummy back to his tomb so that he would never be awakened gain. The Great Pharaoh that empowered Garrett then urged him to be a hero to the world and he continued his work as the Blue Beetle. (Blue Beetle v2 #1)


He was survived by a granddaughter who was named after him with her being called Danielle Garrett. (Blue Beetle v8 #8)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Upon uttering the words ‘Kaji Dha’, Garrett was transformed into the Blue Beetle where he gained a number of superhuman abilities. Among his powers was the capacity to see through solid objects. As Blue Beetle, he could also fly and was bullet-proof allowing him to survive projectile weapon damage. In battle, he could project blasts of energy from his hands that were able to destroy vehicles. (Blue Beetle v2 #1)


  • The Dan Garrett Blue Beetle was created by Will Eisner and Charles Nicholas where he made his first appearance in Mystery Men Comics v1 #1 (August, 1939).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Dan Garrett appeared in the setting of the animated television series in the episode "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" where he had a non-voiced rolled cameo.
  • In Smallville, Dan Garrett was referenced in the live-action television series in the episode "Booster". This version was a scientist for Kord Industries who was killed when the Blue Beetle Scarab bonded to him.
  • In Young Justice, Dan Garrett appeared in a non-voiced role in the animated television series with him being shown in the episode "Failsafe". He was shown as being an archaeologist who discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab which partially bonded to him and gave him superpowers allowing him to operate as a superhero known as the Blue Beetle. Garrett was one of the members of the Justice Society of America 1939 before he passed away and the Scarab was given to Ted Kord. Kord came to learn that it was alien technology and felt it was unwise to use it but continued Garrett's legacy by becoming the new Blue Beetle.


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