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Daolon Wong is a male villain from the Jackie Chan Adventures.



He became an opponent for the benevolent monks of the Ben Shui Tibetan monastery. He appeared in the episode The Chosen One, in which Tohru was mistaken for the reincarnation of Ben Shui's holy one. He reappeared in The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf, and the Mute in which he used the ancient "Three Monkeys" statue to rob people of their senses. He made another appearance in "The Amazing T-Girl!" in which he attempted to steal the talismans, unknown their powers had been transferred to Jade. He reappeared in "A Jolly J-Team Xmas", in which he attempted to steal the chi of Santa Claus, but was foiled by the J-Team. He is served by three voiceless dark chi warriors named Gun, Run, and Chui. The warriors weld weapons that share their dark chi, a hammer, a three-sectioned staff, and a boomerang blade.

He later returned where he once again attempted to steal the Talismans. Uncle successfully imprisoned his dark chi warriors, forcing him to recruit Valmont's Enforcers, Finn, Ratso and Chow - transforming them into his new dark chi warriors, robbing them of all free will and renaming them Gun, Run and Chui (a joke in a later episode has Finn complaining that Daolon Wong never gets their names right). He later also recruits Hak Foo, turning him into a new Dark Chi Warrior called Zen.

After the destruction of the Talismans, Daolong Wong raced with the J-Team to recapture the Talisman powers, which had inhabited the bodies of twelve "Noble Animals", each based on a creature from the Chinese zodiac. For the most part, he failed in these attempts, and the Talisman powers were locked away in Section 13, though he did successfully absorb the talisman powers of the rooster and pig, thereby gaining the ability to fly and fire "heat beams" from his eyes.

In the final episode of the season, Daolon Wong conjured a "Noble Dragon" in order to steal the Dragon Talisman power of Combustion. However, the dragon he in fact conjured was Shendu, the original owner of all the Talisman powers. Shendu betrayed Daolon Wong, stealing all the Talisman powers for himself. Though Daolon Wong sought vengeance, his was bested in a magical duel by Uncle and Tohru, and both he and the Enforcers (who were turned back to normal) were captured by Section 13. In exchange for amnesty (as well as to get back at Shendu), Daolon Wong taught Uncle the spell that originally imprisoned Shendu as a statue and scattered the Talismans. The spell was used successfully, and Shendu was defeated.

In the opening of season 4, it is revealed that Daolon Wong and the Enforcers have been sent to prison (and, furthermore, have been assigned cafeteria duty). While working on a magic spell to summon Shadowkhan to aid their escape, Daolon Wong accidentally summoned Tarakudo, the master oni and king of all Shadowkhan. As in previous series, Tarakudo employed the Enforcers but largely left Daolon Wong high and dry. Nevertheless, Daolon Wong reappeared in a later episode of season 4 (his final role), in which he attempted to steal the Deja Vu stone. He planned to use it to return to the past and get his powers back, but was stopped by Jackie, Uncle and Jade.


Personality and attributes

Daolon Wong is shown to be extremely old, with white hair and grey skin as well as numerous tattoos.He also has holes in his hand that act as mouthes to absorb chi. Presumably his status as a dark chi wizard contributed to his appearance, though this is never stated. His eyes are two different colours.

Powers and abilities

He was generally depicted as human, though with incredible dark chi magic. As such, he is generally considered the antithesis of the character Uncle (a chi wizard himself), and indeed the two seem to have some history concerning Uncle's Master Fong (whom Daolon Wong defeated). Daolon Wong possesses a magic sceptre with which he can cast a great many dark chi spells without the usual extensive list of ingredients. Powerful as he may be, being a chi wizard like Uncle, his primary weakness in battle is if he is deprived of his mystical items with which to conjure his dark magic with.



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