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Dario Agger in Weapon H v1 #5.

Dario Agger is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



The Minotaur in Immortal Hulk v1 #27.

Dario Agger was a male human who was born in the modern age. It was noted that his father was fairly wealthy and was rich enough to afford his own island in the Aegean Sea. The place served as a site for him to spend his holidays with his family and extended relations. On one such trip, he was 9 years old when pirates snuck onto the island at night and killed his entire family. Alone, he fled into the caves and desperately prayed for power to get revenge. His prayers to a bull statue were answered leading to his transformation into the Minotaur whereupon he took his rage on the pirates. However, rather than kill them, he left them alive as disembodied heads in order to suffer for years afterwards. (Thor v4 #6)

Thus, both himself and Malekith came to a mutually beneficial arrangement and alliance. In exchange for the skull of King Laufey, Roxxon would gain access to the mineral wealth of all the realms Malekith conquered for all time. (Thor v4 #6)

He was summoned to a meeting of the Universal Bank that consisted of the top richest and most influential figures on the planet. They had come to learn of Agger’s forays into the Ten Realms of Asgard through his alliance with King Malekith and coveting the riches for himself. The meeting was called for him to explain himself but he refused to share his discoveries. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)

In pursuit of clues about Weapon H, Agger approached a former Eaglestar mercenary named Anson Davies to inquire about the soldier named Clay. Davies attempted to scare Dario away by pointing his shotgun at him but the Roxxon C.E.O. transformed into his Minotaur form whereupon he forced the former sergeant to reveal what he knew about Clay's family. After killing Anson, he was informed that Roxxon had found he beast and had released their Man-Thing to battle him. Agger sent audio through a Fly-Spy to threaten the creatures wife leading to Weapon H allowing himself to be captured in order to save his loved ones. (Weapon H v1 #4) He then attempted to recruit Weapon H who refused with Agger attempting to remove his brain and install an implant to control him. Weapon H was saved by the intervention of his wife with Agger deciding to use more peaceful means in recruiting his aid as he required help to stop the invasion of Earth from another dimension that Roxxon had attempted to tap as a source of unlimited energy. (Weapon H v1 #5)

Forced onto Weirdworld with the bomb, he had no choice but to defuse it thus preventing the failsafe from triggering. It was then that Morgan le Fay fired an energy blast seemingly killing Agger. However, he simply re-emerged in his Minotaur form and battled her with Weapon H and his comrades deciding to use this opportunity to escape back to the portal to Earth. Dario attempted to convince Weapon H to aid him by fighting a common enemy in le Fay but Clay Cortez refused leaving Agger to be swarmed b Morgan's army. Badly wounded, he managed to escape through the portal and returned to Earth where he shutdown the gateway to Weirdworld thus thwarting his plans at harvesting it for energy. It was then that Weapon H and his colleagues forced Agger to abide by the terms of the contract he signed namely to pay each of them billions of dollars in settlement along with setting the Cortez family new identities alongside the promise of never harming them or he would face retribution. Dario agreed but decided to use a loophole in the agreement namely that he would arrange for events so that Weapon H would be targeted by the resurrected Hulk and Wolverine. (Weapon H v1 #12)

After the conflict, Agger and Roxxon managed to escape any repercussions from siding with the Dark Council. Any claims of his involvement were cited as being fake news and doctored footage from Wakanda with him evading any arrests. (Thor v5 #16) He attributed this to the successful social media campaign by the company that shaped public opinion of him. During this time, he began to abandon his human guise and appeared as the Minotaur where he directed the company's efforts. During this time, the Hulk declared war against the world and started by attacking the Roxxon Corporation where he destroyed the company's Roxxon West server farm that shut down their social media platforms. Agger believed that this dealt a serious blow to Roxxon as it meant that they lost access to many of the social media users personal information that they freely signed away by using those platforms. (Immortal Hulk v1 #27) In the aftermath, Agger looked to recover his financial losses and determined that his company was involved in a war against the Hulk. To beat his foe, he decided to manipulate public opinion and required a Hulk of his own to fight his enemy. Thus, he travelled to Monster Isle where he looked to recruit the aid of the alien Xemnu. (Immortal Hulk v1 #28)


Personality and attributes

He started abandoning his human guise after the public became aware of his Minotaur identity. (Immortal Hulk v1 #27)

Powers and abilities

Through a prayer to a bull idol, he was empowered with the ability to transform into the Minotaur. (Thor v4 #6)

His position as CEO allowed him to be wealthy enough to afford a house the size of Disneyworld. (Thor v5 #9) Due to his power and wealth, he came to be a member of the Universal Bank that consisted of the biggest corporate forces on the planet. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)


  • The Dario Agger Minotaur was created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic where he made his first appearance in Thor: God of Thunder v1 #19.NOW (April, 2014).


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