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Dark Kahn is a male video game villain that features in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.



Dark Kahn was a character that was created by a merger between the Mortal Kombat and DC universes. In both universes, Shao Kahn and Darkseid were beaten in combat whereupon they attempted to flee through portals. However, their enemies attacked them in the act which destabilized the portal. The act of opening unstable portals at the same time resulted in a merging between the two characters that began the process of the merging of the two different universes.

Through this act was Dark Kahn created who used his powers to fill the inhabitants of both universes with fiery rage. This act made them senselessly fighting one another releasing excess energy which Dark Kahn fed upon. As such, a select group of kombatants from both universes fought one another until they met in an asteroid field where Dark Kahn revealed himself. At first, they attempted to fight him but he used his powers to cause them to senselessly fight one another.

However, a kombatant managed to shake off the effects of the Rage temporarily and journeyed to Darkseid's asteroid palace where Dark Kahn now resided. Once inside, they worked to fight the creature that was Dark Kahn, eventually managing to defeat him. This act resulted in his body swelling with power and his destruction. His defeat meant that his constituent parts separated from the merged entity and formed their individual characters.

Due to the creature merged nature, the component characters were reformed but in the opposite universe with Shao Kahn in the DC universe and Darkseid in the Mortal Kombat universe. Shao Kahn was defeated and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by the DC heroes whilst Darkseid was banished to the Nether Realm. Trapped there, he was attacked by the sorceror Shang Tsung who attempted to take his powerful soul only for the process to be reversed turning the sorceror into a weathered old man. With his power increased, Darkseid broke free from his imprisonment and Shang Tsung pledged allegiance to him in order to save his own life.


Personality and attributes

"You seek to destroy me? Good! Give in to your rage, release your aggression, FIGHT!"
Dark Kahn confronting the heroes.

Appearing as rock skinned skull faced humanoid with green veins of energy throughout his body. He was somewhat larger then a Human with a well muscled body. He posssessed two rows of spikes that protruded from his spine giving him a menacing looking appearance. In addition, the power of the Rage focused around his body giving an unnatural golden glow that originates from inside his body. This made his eyes and mouth glow with power. His powers were stated to have been much more powerful then even Darkseid.

Powers and abilities

Due to the unique nature of his creation, Dark Kahn was capable of instigating the Rage into kombatants forcing them to fight. This took the form of yellowish energy consuming the eyes of the victim with a golden aura forming around them. This state forced them to fight one another which was an act that feed Dark Kahn's power. His capacity to manipulate the Rage allowed him to confuse the visual perceptions and reasonining of his enemies; making them believe a friend was in the form of a foe or being irrational in their hatred. The more his enemies succumbed to the Rage, the quicker the merging between the two universes occured until it was complete. This meant that certain individuals when consumed by the Rage swapped places with their opposing universe's counterpart.

Though Dark Kahn was intent on the merging of the universes, the consequences of such an act were unnatural as it was said that such a merger would rip apart the two universes instead. The planet Earth was slowly being transformed into a desolate wasteland filled with the same dark energy that empowered Dark Kahn. Elements of the two universes began to inhabit the same world making islands part of one universe and part of another.

His powers included the ability of shooting out powerful bolts of energy from his hands that were capable of harming a Kryptonian empowered by a yellow sun. He was even capable of redirecting energy attacks that were directed at him.


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