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Darkforce is a dimension that features in Marvel Comics.





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  • The Darkforce was created by Tony Isabella and George Tuska where it made its first appearance in Champions v1 #7 (August, 1976).

In other media


  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the Darkforce was referenced in the setting of the animated television series second season in the episode "Doomsday". It was shown to be capable of accessing another dimension inhabited by a demonic-like being known as Yogthulu. The black Makluan Ring known as the Nightbringer was able to control the Darkforce and was set to be the most powerful of the rings. Doctor Doom acquired it from a hidden temple in Latveria where he defeated the Grey Gargoyle guardian and though he was unable to wield it he was capable of accessing its power to open dimensional portals around the world. The threat posed by him led to Iron Man, Mandarin and Howard Stark working together to stop Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom had intended to sacrifice the three to Yogthulu in exchange for the resurrection of his family. Howard Stark managed to reverse the teleportation system where he sent Doctor Doom into Yogthulu's realm.
  • In Agent Carter, Darkforce appeared in the second season of the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where it was discovered in 1947 by the company Isodyne who called it Zero Matter.


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