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Daryun is a male character that featureas in The Heroic Legend of Arslan.



Daryun (ダリューン Daryun? ) was a male who served in the Kingdom of Pars.

In time, he grew within the ranks and came to hold the title of Marzban that allowed him to command a large host of cavalry man of the kingdom.


Personality and attributes

After the Sindhuran Duel before the Gods, he came to be known among the natives by the epithet of Fierce Tiger General.

He was noted for his fierce loyalty to young Prince Arslan. This stemmed from him seeing the young royal as being a worthy ruler. It was also because his uncle asked that he pledge his personal loyalty to Arslan. This went even when the parentage of Arslan came into doubt as it was deemed that he was not the biological son of the King. Despite that being the case, he claimed that he served a just ruler with the prince being a worthy heir to the throne of Pars.

Powers and abilities



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