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Dash Rendar is a male character who features in Star Wars.



Dash Rendar was born on Corellia, where he lived with his parents and his brother Stanton. Dash is eventually accepted and begins attending the Imperial Academy on Carida, where he is a promising student. However, when Stanton crashes a sabotaged freighter into Emperor Palpatine's private spaceport museum arranged by Prince Xizor, Dash is expelled from the academy and his entire family is banished from the Core, giving Dash a serious grudge with the Empire. Dash quickly becomes a freelance spacer, and travels the galaxy in his ship, the Outrider. He is soon accompanied by his droid co-pilot and mechanic LE-BO2D9 (Leebo), whom he receives as a gift from a comedian on Rodia. He befriends Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Katya M'buele, for whom he occasionally works. He enjoys a rivalry with Solo, mainly over the speed of their respective ships. Solo narrowly beats Rendar in a race between the two ships the last time that they meet. Dash becomes so successful that he is soon able to purchase another ship, the Outrider. He assists Zak and Tash Arranda in saving the liner Star of Empire from a rogue artificial intelligence called SIM. Shortly afterward, he begins his loose affiliation with the Rebel Alliance, transporting food and medical supplies.

Dash became entangled in the Galactic Civil War when the Empire attacks the new rebel base on Hoth. Dash flies a snowspeeder with Rogue Squadron as Rogue 12 and takes down one AT-AT during the engagement. Like Solo, he is forced to escape Imperial capture by flying through the Hoth asteroid belt. Thanks to his previous association with Lando Calrissian, Dash is hired to track down Boba Fett and the captured Han Solo. Dash follows leads to the junkheap world of Ord Mantell where he battles IG-88. Using this information he tracks Fett to Gall. Fett is repairing his ship at the spaceport and Dash fights the bounty hunter and Slave I, damaging it in the process. But having led the Alliance to Gall, he abandons them during the battle, preventing the rescue of Han Solo. Shortly after, Dash is hired by Princess Leia to keep an eye on Luke Skywalker while he is in retreat on Tatooine. Dash saves Skywalker's life for the first time when he prevents an ambush by a swoop gang led by Big Gizz and Spiker. Dash continues his tenure with the Alliance by flying with Luke and a squad of Bothan pilots in the attack on the Imperial freighter Suprosa, a mission to intercept the plans for the Death Star II. Dash saves Skywalker's life again in Shadows of the Empire, when Luke and Lando are attacked while trying to infiltrate Prince Xizor's palace. Xizor, attempting to gain the Emperor's favour and take Darth Vader's place, captures Princess Leia. He then accompanies the rebels in rescuing her. After moving through the structure's sewers and the main palace, and having a standoff with Xizor, Dash tosses a class A thermal detonator down a garbage chute leading to the sub-basement of Xizor's skyhook. Rendar then escapes with Leia, Skywalker, and company. He transfers into the Outrider in space, and Xizor's skyhook, Falleen's Fist, opens fire on both ships. When the Skyhook is destroyed by Vader's Executor, the rebels attempt to escape through the debris. During this escape, the Outrider appears to have been destroyed by a hunk of debris. However, Dash jumps to hyperspace just in time and survives.

Dash shows up again when the Alliance attempts to prevent Guri being used by Xizor's niece Savan in an attempt to revive the Black Sun crime syndicate. Dash meets up with Guri and the pair become partners. Shortly thereafter the pair helps Kyle Katarn infiltrate the Tof fortress world of Saijo. He and Guri also set up ODT, a company that constructs Human Replica Droids on Onadax in the Minos Cluster. They used the company to bring his brother Stanton back to life, but both left the company by the time it is infiltrated by Jaina Solo.


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  • Dash Rendar was created by Lucasfilm where he featured in the Star Wars Legends continuity.


  • Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire:

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