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David Pascal was a reporter living in Cambridgeshire, England. He once dated Jenny Stamper, but they broke up. When a local farmer and his wife were found killed by a strange animal, Pascal investigated, and learned that apparently a Siberian tiger had escaped from the private zoo of Sir Darren Penward. However, he found noticed that the bloodstained room where the supposed tiger attack took place place had been thoroughly cleansed in a seeming attempt at covering the killer's footprints. Later, when a young boy survived a similar attack, Pascal learned from the child that the killer was not a tiger, but a dinosaur.

Pascal's efforts to investigate Penward got him harassed and beaten up by Penward's henchmen. Pascal eventually moved on to begin a sexual relationship with Penward's nymphomaniac wife Jane, who eventually took him to her private quarters in the Penward mansion. Here, Pascal found the private zoo, which was stocked with various predatory animals as well as live dinosaurs. He was captured by Penward, who explained that his scientists recreated the dinosaurs by studying the DNA fragments found in dinosaur fossils, then using them as a basis for restructuring the DNA of chickens.

Pascal was then locked up, but freed by Jane, on the condition he commit to her. As they escaped, Pascal noticed Jenny, who'd also been investigating Penward, being brought in, having been captured by Penward's henchmen trying to sneak into the mansion. He insisted to Jane they save her. Enraged, Jane released the dinosaurs and other animals present in the zoo, who proceeded to run amok throughout the grounds of the mansion.

Pascal and Jenny escaped and told Constable Keith Driscoll about the dinosaurs. No one believed them, however, until the dinosaurs actually attacked the town. Jenny returned home to her family while the police and fire department battled the dinosaurs. The following day, Pascal went to Jenny's house to discover her badly hurt and her family dead, killed by a deinonychus. He attacked and killed the dinosaur with a pitchfork.

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